Let’s Be Generous

Contributed by May Blogger of the Month, Chloe Shelby

Generosity is defined as the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish: the quality of being generous.

How are you generous? Do you live generously? Generosity is about giving, whether it is your time, advice, monetary value, etc.

You will always remember those people who were generous to you when it wasn’t necessary. Those people who offer their help when the issue at hand has nothing to do them, those people who listen to your latest dilemma for hours until you feel better, those people who constantly give and give. Seek to be those people.

Don’t be generous to be recognized, give generously with abandon, expecting nothing in return. Generosity can be as small as giving that free Starbucks coffee to the person behind you in line, or as large as donating your entire life’s work to a cause you believe in. No matter the circumstance, no act of generosity is too small.


For Arthur, it may be sharing one of his favorite toys with his sister.

generosity quote

I especially love this quote about generosity because you can do this every day and people will truly appreciate it. Today, there are so many distractions and we are constantly doing more than purely listening. Giving someone your undivided attention is a generous gift.

Oklahoma is a good place to live. People are kind and generous to one another. We give generously and it comes back around. We have come to call this the Oklahoma Standard.

So my fellow Okies, how will you be generous? Let’s all be more generous this week and see how this can change our lives and those around us.

Chloe ShelbyChloe Shelby is the writer of A Latte Lipstick, a blog focused on fitness, health and sprinkled in fashion. She works as an advertising account executive and a group fitness instructor in Oklahoma City. She is a member of Ad2OKC, PRSA, and Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Find quick workouts, healthy recipes, and fashion tips at ALatteLipstick.com.

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