Lindsey Renuard: Why I Blog

LindseyRenuardThanks to the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Blogger of the Month Lindsey Renuard for sharing her posts with us this month! Find more about Lindsey at DishwaterDreams.

Why do I blog?

People ask me all the time how much money I make blogging. I do earn money from all of my efforts, but it isn’t enough to quit my day job, yet. I started blogging because I was passionate about writing, and found that it gave me so much more that just a platform to self-publish.

1. Because I am a Writer

I wrote my first book of poetry when I was 6. It was about baby animals. And I’ve been writing ever since. I am always writing in my head even if I’m not at a computer or I don’t have pen and paper. And the regular writing for my blog has made me a much better writer.

2. Because sometimes I don’t have anyone to talk to

As an only parent, I am the only adult that lives in our apartment. I take care of everything. Sometimes I just need a place to go where I can sort things out. Have someone to share my feelings and ideas with. Have an adult conversation.

3. Because I am a teacher at heart

I taught college writing for 8 years. Then I needed to find a stable job because I became the sole income provider for my family. But I never lost that desire to help people learn something new.

4. I live more intentionally

Knowing that I need content for my blog makes me get out and do things, experience things, learn things. I try to expand my world so that I have more interesting things to write about.

5. I grow as a person

There is something about putting your life out there that makes you really think about what you are doing and why. You figure out the kind of person you want to write about, to post about, then set out to become that person.

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