Listen To Your Mother~OKC~2013




Many of our OkWB sisters were part of the inaugural show of Listen To Your Mother-OKC last Sunday at Will Rogers Theater. Today, we highlight them and their thoughts about LTYM.

Misti Pryor of is the mastermind behind bring the show to Oklahoma City. A cast member of the Northwest Arkansas show in 2012, Misti knew she wanted to bring the show to Oklahoma City this year. Misti shared her pre-show thoughts and her post-show thoughts this week.



Heather Davis, who blogs at Minivan Momma, elbowed her way onto Misti’s application for the show and before she knew it, she was the associate producer alongside Julie Bohannon. Heather shared the lessons she learned while doing the show.



Mari Farthing, editor and administrator of OkWB alongside Heather, was cast in this year’s show with her piece called, “Bad Company.” She shares her thoughts after the show.



Amy Herrington, the Babbling Bohemian, shared her actual LTYM story as well as her thoughts on being in the show.



Suzanne Kelley of Red Dirt Sweetie shared her thoughts before the show at the read-through and after the show.



Erika Cerda-Dixon of The Makeshift Home offered a story in the show of such deep promise and then shared her thoughts on that after the show.



Brandi Barnett summed up the feelings of the audience and cast members well in her post-show thoughts.



Jennifer McMurrain was inspired to write a short story about her experiences.



Barbara Shoff of Meandering Mental Musings shared her thoughts of being connected to each and every story shared on stage.



Carolyn Bechtold of Buffy the Cougar Wannabe was so inspired by her experiences that she started a great blog!



Sheradee Hurst was cast to tell the story of her Granny’s pies and then shared her post show thoughts on her blog.



Lisa Raley shared her touching story of Pink Buddies on her blog Small Glimpses.



Be watching the national Listen To Your Mother Show site for information about next year’s shows. You’ll want to be a part of it–either as an audience member, a sponsor or a cast member. You have a story to tell … Oklahoma City is waiting to hear it.

~All photos courtesy of Macy Fitzgerald~

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  1. Mari says:

    Listen to Your Mother is such an amazing experience! I loved every life-changing, fun, terrifying minute of it. 🙂

  2. Barbara Shoff says:

    This was definitely a “life challenging” experience. Revealing personal vulnerabilities is not something most people willingly do. However when it is done, it is amazing how many people share those same human challenges. I am convinced that is what taps into the connection that links us all together.

  3. I have a dear blog friend who was in the cast of LTYM-Indianapolis that really encouraged me to apply for the Oklahoma version. I opted not to for a couple of reasons. One I have complicated relationships with both my mother and my adult daughter. This makes me afraid some times of saying the wrong thing and causing more harm. My other concern was a fear of crowds and public speaking. Maybe next year I can be brave on all fronts!

    Congratulations to each of you who stepped out of your comfort zones and joined the cast! You are all amazing!

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