Mae Kiggins: Why I Blog

Submitted by September Blogger of the Month, Mae Kiggins

hiking-at-Martin-ParkI knew I wanted to blog, mostly as something to do as a stay-at-home mom, hopefully to make some extra money and partly because I enjoyed reading other blogs so much. I really thought it would be a fun project because I enjoy learning and working. For me, the only thing to blog about was the outdoors. So with a little bit of hope my blogging journey began.

When I started I really had no clue how to blog (whether I do now is debatable). I had created a blog in Blogger for a college class but the layout changed when I started again. Another problem I had was that the only social media I was familiar with was Pinterest and my account at the time was private. So I learned how to set up a blog again and Facebook page, changed my Pinterest account to public and was off.

It was a bit of a rude awakening when I discovered how much more I had to learn. Wow! But I wasn’t detoured. I don’t give up easily. I just kept working and enjoying time outdoors with my family. And a couple years later not much has changed.

The more I blog the more I realize my reasons for blogging have changed. I still have a goal to reach people and encourage them to get outdoors but I have also learned to enjoy the process and take pride when I learn something new. Nothing beats comments, shares and connecting with people, but I have also discovered that I thoroughly enjoy the creative process. It is very satisfying seeing the final product of all my hard work.

So while I haven’t met all my goals for bloggings, I like that it keeps me active and focused on a subject very important to me, the outdoors. Even if I wasn’t blogging I would continue to build my knowledge, but blogging helps me focus my efforts and keeps my knowledge fresh. My journey so far has been fun, but in different ways than I expected.

Mae KigginsMae is a recovering park ranger spending her days blogging about her family’s outdoor escapades at OutdoorsMom. As an urban outdoor mom, Mae occupies a niche in the outdoor blogger community, offering ideas and encouragement to city dwellers that connects them with the outdoors.

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