Meet Marisa Mohi

My name is Marisa. I think the best way to get to know someone is by sharing food with them. Or drinks. And if all goes well, then a mani-pedi too.

If we went to lunch during the week…

I would probably disgust you with the amount of Diet Coke I can consume in a one hour window. I’d be visibly uncomfortable in my business casual clothes, and would probably confess that I’m pretty uncomfortable at any job I work because I feel like I’m not qualified and just faking it most of the time. I would probably spend the last 15 minutes of our lunch wishing I didn’t have to go back to work, and I’d still be 10 minutes late getting to my desk.

If we went for coffee…

I would try to find a local coffee shop you’ve never been to before. Starbucks is okay for what it is, but local shops are doing great things and I’m kind of a hipster so I can preach the gospel of small, sustainable businesses like nobody’s, well, business. I would probably just order a black coffee, and promise that I won’t judge you for your order, regardless of how much whipped cream you get on top. I’d tell you about the new journal I’m keeping of quotes from books I read, and how I hope it helps me become a better writer. If it’s raining, I’ll try to work some Mary Oliver poetry into the conversation. If it’s dry, get ready for some Lucille Clifton stanzas.

If we went to dinner…

We’ll go to a local, non-chain restaurant (see above). You will be appalled by the amount of food I consume. I know a lot of people say that, but I’m serious. There is a “proper” amount of food women are supposed to eat, and I’ve found that in order to maintain the girth of my thighs, I need to double that amount. And then keep eating. So know that I’ll make you split two appetizers with me. Then, I’ll probably have a burger and fries. And yes, we’re getting dessert because we need those three courses so conversation can keep going. I’ll tell you all about how my boyfriend, Chris, completely remodeled my office and how he sits in the reading chair behind my desk when I write. I’ll ask you not to tell him that I don’t mind when he comes in and interrupts my writing, because I’ve probably been alone inside my own head for too long at that point anyway. I do mind when the dog comes in and drops her toys behind the chair and whines until I get them, though.

If we went for drinks…

I’d make you go to one of the diviest dive bars you’ve ever been to–the sort of place where they serve beer in Solo cups and all the regulars look like they just stepped out of the cab of a big rig. I’ll drink an absurd amount of Miller High Life or Coor’s Light. I will make fun of your drink of choice if it has more than two ingredients. We’ll talk about the independent publishing company I want to start some day, gossip of mutual friends, and the sort of really deep philosophizing that can only take place under the influence of alcohol.

What would you tell me if we went to lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks?

MarisaMohiMarisa Mohi, the April 2014 Blogger of the Month, blogs at and regularly contributes to The Lost Ogle.

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  1. Rose Marie B says:

    This is the best ‘get to know you’ post ever! At any meal that we shared I would confide that I’m not a classically trained writer (like THAT’S not obvious) and I don’t care about using the Oxford comma or over-using my beloved elipses. I would never add whip cream to any coffee drink. I’m more of a vodka & 7up gal…does the lime garnish count as a third ingredient? Looking forward to reading more Marissa. 🙂

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