Meet Our April BOM: Katherine Mason

Contributed by Stephanie Clinton, OKWB Community Manager

A new month for Oklahoma Women Bloggers and that means a new theme, new ideas and a new Blogger of the Month.

Our theme for April is “Renew” and how perfect is that for the month when the earth seems to be turning itself inside out?  Just when I thought I couldn’t take another freezing day, wearing black and gray sweaters and hard, barren earth; the first leaves start to pop out and before you know it the Bradford Pears are in full bloom.  As I write this I’m looking out of my kitchen window watching the Red Bud tree turn from purple to green and listening to the spring wind ripple through the new growth on our privacy hedge.  My mind and spirit need this renewal just as much as the earth does and I hope the change in season brings a change of heart.

Our ideas for April are to continue growing the OKWB community and give all of you something physical to hold on to that makes you feel more a part of the group.  We are working on creating an OKWB t-shirt just for members!  Bigfoot Creative is helping us with a super hip design as well as a discounted price.  More details and visuals coming soon!

April blogger of the monthOur Blogger of the Month is Katherine Mason.  Katherine blogs at Newly and is all about capturing her perspective on this adventure called “life”.   We want you to get to know Katherine.  Check out her first BOM post here and learn more about her as she answers our inquiring minds questions:

Born: Charlotte, NC

Raised: Devon, PA – about 20 minutes West of Philadelphia. A British gentleman and a Southern belle raised me. They’re the most adorable, loving, happy parents a girl (and her incredible sister) could’ve asked for.

Educated: Washington College

Hubs: My hubs, Sean, is a Civil Engineer and works for a construction contracting company.  We moved out here to Tulsa last fall for his job. He’s also an incredible photographer. I have a lot of favorite people in my life, but he is absolutely my favorite person.

Responsible for: Happiness!

Day job: I work in Admissions at Clary Sage College in Tulsa, OK. I love my job. I’ve been working in the field of college admissions for about 9 years and am forever inspired by the prospective and current students I meet.

Blog(s): “Newlie” –

Other passions: Running, cycling, cooking, baking, and spending time with my favorite people.

Favorite author/books: My favorite author is Beth Kephart – beautiful writer, beautiful soul. My favorite book is more of a fun sporadic read called 14,000 Things To Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipher. Most recently though, being such a new “Okie-import”– I read Ree Drummond’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and absolutely loved it.

Guilty pleasure: Popcorn. I could eat popcorn morning, noon, and night. I pop it over the stove w/ olive oil & a little salt. Best paired with a red blend, a little chocolate on the side, and an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Guilty!

Favorite blogs: I love ‘em all, really and truly. But…here’s one that I stumbled upon in the past year and really like: Hello Soul.

Dream vacation: Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, or really any place with jaw-dropping landscape. Just me, my hubby, and a peaceful escape for at least a week.

On the Twitter: @OK_Kath_

Where else to find her: Facebook Page – Newlie Creative, LLC. Instagram – @OK.Kath. Pinterest – NewlieLiving/Katherine Mason

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