If you find yourself with loads of spare time on your hands and would like to learn more about the OklahomaWomen Bloggers leadership team, fret no more: read on for 15 Questions with each of the leading ladies…

  Heather Davis

·       Born: Tulsa, OK
·       Raised: Bartlesville, OK
·       Lineage: I was born pretty normal and raised with all the amenities I needed without being spoiled. I am the older sister, which means I am a master tormentor.
·       Educated: Graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah–I’ll always be a Redman. I have my English Education Degree, my Masters in Teaching and I was once an elementary librarian. Best. Gig. Ever. Read cool picture books all day? Yes, please.
·       Hubs: Brian is the most patient man. He rarely lets my shenanigans rattle him. He is also a teacher. We met in grad school and on our first date, he spent the night, during which we talked all night long about learning styles. We were geekin’ in the day.
·       Responsible for: Welcoming committee, scheduling and world peace
·       Day job: middle school English teacher. Prayers are appreciated.
·       Blog(s): My personal blog is Minivan-Momma.com. I post with Mari and Dani at chick-wit.com, even though my name doesn’t end in an “i”.
·       Other passions: I make jewelry with my daughters and I like to cook, but I don’t cook well.
·       Favorite author/books: Celia Rivenbark is my hero. I read and reread and rereread her books. I’ll also admit I loved the Twilight Saga … Team Edward. But, I’ll read just about anything that has words, and books that don’t have words as well.
·       Favorite blogs: I’m just a blog voyeur, I just love reading blogs! My favorite must-regularly read blogs are Ann’s Rants, Divine Secrets of a Domestic Goddess, and Kelley’s Breakroom.
·       Dream vacation: Some beach. Some where.
·       On the Twitter: @minivanmomma2
·       Where else to find her: I get lost of Pintrest and I browse Goodreads like I’m in a real life Barnes and Noble. I am on Google+, but I have no idea what that means.
·       What to contact her about: Anything you need me for!

Mari Farthing

·       Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
·       Raised: Milwaukee, Newburg (ya dere, hey!) and West Bend, Wisconsin. Joined the Air Force and was raised some more at Lackland AFB, Texas; Keesler AFB, Mississippi; and Arlington, Virginia.
·       Lineage: I am a Wisconsin girl, which means that you can take me home to your mom or out drinking with your dad. You will really know I am from Wisconsin when you hear me speak. My people came from the fjords of Norway and the gentle hills of England.
·       Educated: School of hard knocks led me to the Air Force, then to Strayer University and the University of Maryland. But I learned even more as a mother. Or I should more correctly say I learned more about what I didn’t know when I became a mother.
·       Hubs: We met February 28, had our first date on February 29, got engaged May 15 and married August 7. For those of you doing the math … let me know how many days that was, because math is not my strong suit. We’re pushing into 20+ years of marriage, still going strong. He’s retired from the military and wanted to do something different with the rest of his life, so he found a job … back on base. Old dog, new tricks, you know the drill.
·       Responsible for: That in which Heather does not wish to do, forgets to do or does not know how to do.
·       Day job: Editor, writer, procrastinator, mom, wife, chef, knitter, runner. That.
·       Blog(s): My personal blog is marimargene.blogspot.com and it’s where I drop it like it’s awkward. I post with Heather and Dani at chickwit.blogspot.com. I write about editing and stuff at mariedits.blogspot.com.
·      Other passions: I am an aggressive seeker of truth. I love music. I love to cook and find food/recipes that taste good and have no high fructose corn syrup. I am passionate about making elected officials play nicely together.
·       Favorite author/books: I love a million books. All time favorite? To Kill a Mockingbird. I also love most Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen King books. Ray Bradbury, especially Farenheit 451Wicked was, well, wicked awesome. I never go anywhere without my Kindle Fire and I have about a bajillion books and magazines loaded on it so I’m never without reading material (just the thought of that makes me a bit stabby).
·       Favorite blogs: Aside from the obvious awesome company that I keep? I like suburbanscrawl.com,chickennuggetsofwisdom.com & coastalchick.com.
·       Dream vacation: Hawaii. For like a month. Sometimes alone … sometimes with my family. Sometimes just the hubs. But I’m always there.
·       On the Twitter: @marifarthing
·       Where else to find her: I’m on more social media sites than I can keep up with. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ (well, I have an account that I don’t use. Does that count?)…
·       What to contact her about: I’ll let you know.

Stephanie ClintonOklahoma Women Bloggers

  • Born: Houston, TX
  • Raised:  My primer years were spent in Gallup, NM.  It was an educational experience rich in Native American culture as my brother and I attended a small mission school.  The majority of the student population were Native American children, many of whom lived at the school during the week and on the reservation during the weekend.  In high school we relocated to Pampa, TX where everything is very large, very flat and very windy.
  • Lineage:  My mom’s side of the family are from Louisiana.  I spent many summers with my Cajun grandparents learning how to eat crawfish and cook gumbo.  My dad’s family is from Texas.  My grandmother passed on to me the art of gourmet cooking, how to throw a formal party (the kind with crystal and linen) and how to conduct oneself as a lady.
  • Educated: One year at Azusa Pacific University and 4 years at University of Oklahoma
  • Hubs: Adam is the bomb dot com.  We met while on the set of H.M.S. Pinafore at OU and it was instant attraction.  Even though he had already planned to move to Los Angeles after graduation I knew he was the one and followed him there.  We were married in 2000 and I thank God everyday that I have such a wonderful man in my life.
  • Responsible for: Raising two boys who will become responsible citizens, love their partner, vote and recycle.
  • Day job: I’m a stay at home mom but have lots of other gigs.  I volunteer in my son’s elementary PTA, active in Assistance League, Meals on Wheels, and Disciples of Christ church.
  • Blog(s): I write my lifestyle blog Hugs, Kisses and Snot were you will find everything from parenting, food, faith and all else I deem interesting.  I’m a contributing food blogger at Metro Family Magazine as well as an administrator and contributing blogger here at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.
  • Other passions: Singing.  I love singing in our church choir.  The younger me would be remise to hear me say this but I love my church.  It is on the progressive end of the church spectrum and has become a place where I know I can find the answers I’m searching for.  I am so thankful for my church family.
  • Favorite authors/books:  The books I could read over and over again are Little Women and To Kill A Mockingbird.  I also love The Time Traveler’s Wife Audrey Niffenegger, The Passage and The Twelve by Justin Cronin and the Conversations With God series by Neil Donald Walsh.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett hit me strong and hard.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I also love YA.  Harry Potter being at the top of the list and Twilight high up there (although the movies completely ruined the books for me.) Mocking Jay is my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy.  There’s no shame here.
  • Favorite blogs: I’m constantly discovering new and awesome bloggers (it’s not hard since there are about 3 million out there).  The blogs I continually return to are People I Want To Punch In The Throat, Rage Against The Minivan, Jen Hatmaker, Rachel Held Evans, Sabine of Suburbia, and of course my other partners in crime Mari Quite Contrary and Minivan Mamma.
  • Dream vacation: Any place with my husband and a whole lot of peace and quiet.  Palm Springs in late February is pretty much paradise, especially if you can spend the entire day by the pool, reading books, drinking adult drinks and not getting splashed or having to listen to kids scream.  I equally love hiking in the mountains, enjoying nature, feeling like you really worked those legs followed by a tall cold one on a deck somewhere enjoying the sunset.
  • On the Twitter: @Hugskissessnot
  • Where else to find her:  All the usual social media haunts.  Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest.  yadda yadda yadda
  • What to contact her for:  The meaning of life (watch out because you’ll probably get a Monty Python song in response).

Marisa MohiMarisa Mohi

  • Born: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Raised:  Edmond, OK 
  • Lineage: My dad is from Tehran, Iran, and my mom is Mexican and Native American. Basically, I grew up getting a really awesome tan in the summer and eating all the best foods you can imagine.
  • Educated: Way too much. 
  • Hubs: I guess, technically, under Oklahoma law, Chris and I may be common law married at this point. We met when I was 24, and bartending at McNellie’s on Main Street in Norman. When he sat down at the bar I knew I was going to date him. By the time he left, I knew I was going to marry him.
  • Responsible for: One smelly pit bull-beagle-boxer mix, who wandered up one day and became our child.
  • Day job: I’m pretty excited to say I have my dream job as an instructor at the University of Oklahoma in the Price College of Business.
  • Blog(s): I blog about life, teaching, and writing over at MarisaMohi.com. You can also catch me at The Lost Ogle four days a week, as well as here at Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Oh, and I’m the editor of a local literary magazine called Dominion House.
  • Other passions: I love writing. I’ve claimed that I will someday write the next Great American Novel since the eighth grade. I should probably get on that. Also, I have somewhat of an addiction to adult education classes at the local vo-tech schools. It doesn’t really matter what the classes are for. The act of going to a class is what I crave.
  • Favorite authors/books:  I love anything to do with Arthurian lore, unless it’s a reimagining that completely turns the legend on its ear. I love anything by Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, Barbara Kingsolver, and John Irving. Some day, I’d like to write like them.
  • Favorite blogs: I pretty much read every post by Everyday Reading, The Londoner, Franish, Can You Stay for Dinner?, and EPBOT.
  • Dream vacation: Any place with a rocky coast and restaurants that serve red wine and olives.
  • On the Twitter: @GentleMarisa
  • Where else to find her:  I’m on Instagram and Bloglovin’. Oh, and if you’re a Snapchatter, my user name is gentlemarisa.
  • What to contact her for:  My guacamole recipe. Seriously. It’s the best you’ll ever have.

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