Monday Potluck

This week we’re having a Monday Potluck instead of a Sunday Potluck (obviously).

This past Sunday was spent at Listen To Your Mother OKC. Oh my gracious what an experience.  Did you know OKWB member Mari Farthing’s husband was in the cast this year? Yup, he was and read an incredible tribute to his wife.  I cried, she cried, he cried.  It was a total love-fest.

After Listen To Your Mother I came home and regaled all the beautiful stories to my husband, grilled chicken on the grill outside, prepared our last Blogger of the Month post for April and put the kids to bed.  Just as gearing myself up for our weekly Sunday TV viewing marathon (why to all my favorite shows air on Sunday?) I realized the entire day had passed and I neglected the Sunday Potluck.  Well, better a day late than never; right?  So please let us know what you were up to in bloggy-land last week.  Link up your post(s) and while your at it go and give your fellow bloggers some comment love.

Also – If you are in the OKC area please consider joining us on Tuesday at the Oklahoma City Memorial.  We will meet outside the museum at 6:30, spend some time reflecting and honoring the 20th anniversary of the bombing then have dinner together at Bleu Garten.

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