No Rain, No Rainbows

That’s our theme for the month–loosely suggested by the old saying “April showers bring May flowers,” perhaps a bit of wishful thinking contrived back when we were still knee-deep in the snows of winter. I’m reminded daily of how true this is. It’s through adversity we grow; the fabric of our lives must be woven with both joy and pain, or else the joy can be difficult to recognize.

I’m an optimist–a point of view that I’ve come to kicking and screaming, but an optimist nonetheless. I always just wanted everyone to be happy. Like the LEGO Movie, where “everything is awesome!” I just want everyone to be homogeneously happy. But the truth of that movie (spoiler alert!) is that everyone is following a script, and if what makes you happy is deviating off said script, then, well, it’s not all that awesome. And if what makes me happy infringes on your happy? Well, chaos ensues. But maybe out of that chaos, we learn something new about one another.

Point? We need shadows to recognize light. We need bitter to accent sweet. We need the rain to make the rainbows.

Our blogger of the month for April is Marisa Mohi, a wonderful, prolific writer who joins us from the OKC area. She writes at her own blog (, contributes to The Lost Ogle and participates in OKC Nerdy Girls. Hop over to the BOM box on the sidebar and learn more about Marisa.

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