November … it might be my favorite month

I became a momma in the month of November.

Veteran’s Day.

Shorter days and longer nights.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Putting up the tree on Black Friday.

I love November. I love hopping on Facebook and Twitter and seeing my friends and followers (followees?) count the days until Thanksgiving by expressing their gratitude. I love the changing leaves. I love the days off of school. I love the orange and yellow decorations. I love the impending holiday season. I love November.

At Oklahoma Women Bloggers, we’ll spend the month sharing our posts on Gratitude. For what are you thankful? How do you express your gratitude? How is gratitude demonstrated in your life?

On my own blog, I’ve been doing #ThankfulThursday  in an effort to teach my kids to be more loving toward their fellow human beings and to demonstrate gratitude for the good things in their lives. And possibly, more importantly, I’m hoping they’ll learn to do nice things without the expectation of being thanked. I think this is something that we don’t often teach.

And while we’re on the subject of gratitude, I’m grateful for this community we call Oklahoma Women Bloggers. I’m grateful for Stephanie Buckley and her vision to provide a place for women to gather, grow and connect. I’m grateful for Mari Farthing, my partner in crime, and I’m grateful for each and every Oklahoma Woman Blogger that I’ve met over the past year.  Yes, year. 

December is our twelfth month in existence. Next month, we’ll be asking you to dig into your archives and share your favorite posts from your favorite blogs. There will be more details in our Facebook group. If you’re not a member of our Facebook group, message us on Facebook and we’ll get you added.

With a new month around here, comes a new Blogger of the Month, and I’m so excited to introduce you to Kristin Nador.


I’ve been following Kristin’s blog, kristin nador writes anywhere, for about two years and, like the name implies, she does write anywhere. I find myself reading of her adventures and wanting to just be her shadow for an adventure or two. I think you’ll really like her posts and find Kristin to be very relatable. In fact, you’ll probably start calling Kristin your friend whether you have actually ever met her face-to-face or not!

Happy November, my friends!

Heather DavisHeather Davis blogs at Minivan Momma and is co-adminstrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers. She and her husband have two daughters. She’s a co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother Show-OKC and regularly appears on Fox 23 out of Tulsa with a parenting segment. She is the author of the TMI Mom series, featuring the books, TMI Mom Bites The Big Apple, TMI Mom Oversharing My Life and Getting Lucky, to be released on Black Friday!


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