Oklahoma Is My Heartland

I’m an unabashed, freaking fanatical, audacious lover of Oklahoma and I don’t care who knows it. I even invented my own word – bloggers can do that, right? I call my Sooner State passion ‘Statriotism.’ It’s a real thing and I hope these pictures will spark your wanderlust.
On an Oklahoma road trip, in a week’s time you can experience mountains and sand dunes, canyons and lakes, windswept plains and the uncluttered skyline of freedom.
Enjoy the kitschy drive down Route 66. From the nostalgia of the Blue Whale to Oklahoma’s space pioneers, we’ve got ya covered.
Venture northwest and you’ll be dazzled by peaks studded with ancient crystals. Take a hike up Cathedral Mountain and it’s easy to imagine Clint Eastwood riding up through a wavy heat mirage on horseback.
For an authentic experience of cowboys and cattle drives, you’ll love the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan. The multi-sensory theatre lets you smell the camp coffee and feel the thunder of 2,000 hooves.
Unwind in the rolling hills of eastern Oklahoma. Natural Springs State Park is the ideal haven for bird watching or a lazy afternoon, reading a book at the misty base of the falls. Pitch a tent and tell ghost stories around a campfire.
Head southeast in the autumn and take in the magic of a dewy mountainside on fire with the brilliant colors of fall.
Boats race across the shiny surface of Lake Murray. Water ski, fish, climb to the top of Tucker Tower, scuba dive…yep, we even scuba dive in Oklahoma.
I’ve had a blast visiting these Oklahoma treasures. You can find your own personal adventures all across the state. But I must confess one thing, I haven’t scuba dived…yet.
Discover Oklahoma Today!
RoseRose is our blogger of the month. She blogs at OKRoseRock.
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    • Rose Marie B says:

      Thanks Kelli, I am too. Even though some folks disagree with the term Okie, I wear it loud and proud! It’s time for it to have some pride to go along with it.

  1. I’m a transferred Texan who has lived in Oklahoma long enough to consider myself a bona fide Okie–a label of which I’m proud. Rose, you list some wonderful attractions here, but I think you left off one of our most outstanding–Okies themselves!

    • Rose Marie B says:

      Dee Dee, totally! That’s one of my favorite things that people tell me when they visit Oklahoma for the first time, how nice the people are. We rock! 🙂

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