I Trust This Photo Will Make You Smile


I trust that this photo will make you smile

One might assume I know a little something about blogging. My blog is about Generation X, but really more than that or maybe less depending on your perspective. JenX67 has been featured in a bunch of media outlets. I even landed a weekly radio commentary based on my work as a blogger, and recently I was invited to submit a book proposal to a real publisher.Whatever that means these days, right? As bloggers we’re all self-publishers, TYVM.


So, on top of all that, I am teaching a class this month in blogging (for better or worse) and my entire portfolio career has been informed by blogging. So, yeah, I hope that one might assume I know something about blogging, which is great because I don’t know much about anything else.


Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the Tipping Point, writes about the 10,000 Hour Rule in his book Outliers. He says the key to success in any field is to a large degree a matter of practicing for 10,000 hours. That’s about 500 hours every year for 20 years, just so you know.


When it comes to blogging, I think I’m at the 7000-hour mark, but maybe not. Maybe I hit 10,000 hours back in 2009. It doesn’t matter. The point is, I’ve been blogging in one fashion or another – on one platform or another – since 1999. A long damn time.

And, still I struggle with the same thing: Trusting Myself. All caps because it’s such a big deal.


Funny thing about that number, 10,000. There is a Buddhist saying that each life is filled with 10,000 sorrows and 10,000 joys. All of these sorrows and joys together equal 20,000 steps on the path to peace.


I have tried and done many things as a blogger. One time I did a paid post about reverse mortgages (horrible, I know), and I had a ton of fun doing the Gotta Love Chevy gig. I’ve hosted contests and given away stuff. I’ve done memes and themes. The annual Gen X Halloween parade was a favorite.


But, the thing I’ve tried to do more than anything else is tell the truth. I’m not saying I’ve succeeded. I’ve always believed the Truth exists apart from you and me. It stands alone beyond versions and interpretations. It is the eyes of God. Why I think I can give them the voice who knows?


But, it is really all I have to offer the world beyond the love I have for my children. I just have this one voice to bear witness to the mountains and the valleys. The peaks and the plains, and all that I have seen and felt and heard. It is taking me longer than 10,000 hours. I am trying to tell the truth and nobody needs to tell me why it’s taking me forever. I already know. I am only half way to trusting myself, and have just 5,000 hours to go.


JenXJennifer James McCollum is our blogger of the month and blogs at Are You There God? It’s Me, Gen X.

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