Prepare & Organize Your Work Space

In continuing with September’s theme of “Prepare”, we are wondering how you prepare and organize your work space. I could use all the advice I can get because my work space is covered with piles of papers and books. Every now and then I do a clean sweep and throw away all the papers I haven’t looked at in months. I figure if I haven’t read it or used it in 6 months I’m not ever going to get around to it. Books get put back on the book shelf, recipes get put in a binder and all the other little scraps of paper, post its, notes and forms get trashed.

There is one category of desk clutter that I don’t know what to do with. The too cute drawings and pre-k pictures. Most of the stuff that comes home from school or the scribbled pictures get thrown away. But every now and then there is something that is just too precious to toss. But if I put it in a box and hide it away I’ll never see it again. A select few get hung up on the wall, art gallery style, but the rest continue to sit in a pile on my desk. Help!

Link up your posts, old or new, and tell us how you prepare and organize your work area.

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  1. Hi Kelly, I think this article of yours is awesome. One problem though is when you’re living with your parents, they’ll instantly clean up your mess while you’re making something really important once you’re off your work space.

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