Prepare Your Day Link Up

The theme for the month of September is “prepare”. These themes are intentionally broad and vague to allow the blogger of the month, and anyone else who would like to be featured, to interpret the theme as they see fit. I like the idea of using the theme to cover a wide range of topics. However, recently a blogger friend said that she felt lost when trying to think of what to write about when tasked with using the theme. Have a broad theme gave her too much freedom and she wanted more direction.

The OKWB admins have taken that request to heart and come up with writing prompts using the monthly theme. Each week there will be a different writing prompt and creating a link up so you can share what you have to say on the topic. To help you prepare for next week, the writing prompt for September 15 is Prepare/Organize Your Workspace.

This week’s writing prompt is “Prepare Your Day”. Use the link up to share your post then visit the other blogs linked up and find out how they prepare their day. Happy linking.

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