Progressive Potluck: Side Dish Round

Submitted by Stephanie Clinton, OkWB Administrator

What would a lead actor be without their supporting actors?  Without someone to back them up and play off of, the performance can seem empty and shallow.  As delicious and amazing as your main dish is, it is a little sad and lonely without a side dish.  Think of your side dish as the supporting actor to your main dish.  They compliment each other and round out your presentation.

When it comes to side dishes sometimes simplest is best.  Especially if you have a complex main entree.  When in doubt I always go for grilled veggies. So simple to prepare and always delicious.

side dish recipe

My favorite veggies to prepare on the grill are zucchini, onions and cauliflower.  I’ve also had success with red cabbage and broccoli.

To prepare the perfect grilled veggie, create a little backing sheet out of foil (to prevent smaller bits from slipping in between the grate).  Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  Turn after a few minutes on a hot grill.  When they are done just fold the foil up and they will stay warm until you are ready eat.

Try these other side dishes for something new at the table.

Perfect alfredo sauce from Marie at The (not so) Lazy W


Kathi’s recipe for Harvard Beets.

Now it’s your turn.  Link up your favorite side dish and share the love.

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