Ralph Ellison Festival

Contributed by OKWB member Constance Burris

On Friday, January 20, 2015, I attended the First Annual Ralph Ellision Festival.

Let me use some extra sentences and tell you again: I was a part of history. I attended the First. Annual. Ralph Ellison. Festival.

And most importantly, I had extremely good time and I can’t wait for next year. Following are some random photos and links to some pretty cool Oklahomans doing their things.


The festival began at 6:30 pm at the Dunlap Codding building. I’ve passed by this building dozens of times, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the outside decor. So I was super excited to see inside. And you know what? It was dope. See below:

pic 1

The art work on the left was created by Skip Hill and Quraysh Ali Lansana performed some of his poetry. By the time it was over he had every one in the room trying to rap.

pic 2

After the opening ceremony, we moved to Individual Artists of Oklahoma IAO  (gallery) for a book fair.

pic 3

Above we have the Beautiful Mrs. Shirley Howard Hall, coming to us from Broken Arrow, OK. She is an author, poet, and editor. Visit her at www.shirleyhallpoet.com.

pic 4

And then this young man is a comic book creator. I bought two of his comics for my son. Interested? You can find him here: www.newmythcomics.com.

pic 5

I was getting my fan girl on when I saw my favorite Oklahoma artist, Ebony Iman Dallas. I’m the short one by the way.

After the book fair we headed to The Paramount to hear world renowned Oklahoma poets Lauren B. Zuniga, Grace Franklin, and Candace Liger.

pic 6Constance Burris is a nerd, writer, a mother and a wife. Her upcoming novel COAL is about a human boy living in a world filled with elves, dwarves, giants, and dragons. 

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