Reality Check

Isn’t it strange how someone else’s misfortune can wake you up to reality?

Your neighbor getting burgled motivates you to find ways to protect your home and family.
Your co-workers Mom had an accident at home and was unable to call for help creates a sudden need to find a Life Alert system for your mom.

We had a reality check recently.

My husband is overweight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.   We have discussed his getting exercise and eating better to no avail.  It’s not that he doesn’t care; he just doesn’t believe anything will happen to him.  We are all very happy and comfortable in our little world, nothing can touch us there – or so we believe.

Recently he and I were ripped out of our happy world.  Things got real.  My brother-in-law, only a few years my husband’s senior, had Sudden Death Cardiac Arrest while driving.   You may call it luck, call it coincidence, or call it divine intervention, a group of off duty firefighters were having lunch at a restaurant and saw it happen, saving  his life.  Had these firefighters not been there, he would not be here today.   He literally died and it took four shocks to bring him back.

There were no real signs.  He had an EKG not long ago, and his heart looked fine.   He had an EKG after this happened; his heart looked fine.   The doctors discovered he has a 50% blockage in three arteries.  No sign, so symptoms.

This morning, after the shock wore off, my beloved woke up.  He has decided to take better care of himself.  He got on the treadmill and walked ¾ of a mile.   He has chosen to eat better.  He is beginning to realize he is mortal after all.

It took his brother literally dying to rouse him into living.  For this I am grateful.


Vicki is a mom of 3 adult kids, a wife of 27 years and a writer in her soul. She blogs at
Between her daddy working at the Bureau of Reclamation and being an Army spouse, there have been several places that have been ‘home’ for her. Oklahoma is where they’ve settled and they love it here.
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