Renew Your Senses

Contributed by April Blogger of the Month, Katherine Mason

I just love this month’s theme: renew. The word alone packs a powerful dose of meaning for me, and I imagine for you too. Sometimes we don’t even know that our souls needed to be renewed, while other times a renewal is an answer to a very patient prayer. I believe we have a glimmer of opportunity for renewal each day if we pay close enough attention.

Oklahoma has done a doozy on my senses and general well being these past few months in the most beautiful way.  Hubby and I moved here to Owasso, Oklahoma back in late August for his job. We moved from the Washington, D.C. area which was a beautiful place to live in some ways, but not so much in others. We crave the country, crickets, farmland, genuinely kind people, and really good BBQ.  Saying “yes!” to this work-related move out here just made perfect sense. I’m so glad we did, because it has truly heightened my senses to the newness around me.

I’ve developed a practice towards capturing these senses that I’d like to share with you. It’s pretty easy to do now that spring is right around the corner. You finish your day with a focus on each sense that you remember best, and then write it down as if you want to bottle up that moment for a rainy day. Here’s mine:

Sight – that drive into work where the fog was nestled into the countryside as if it wanted to sleep in just a little bit longer.

Taste – of a Starbucks’ silky vanilla latte while starting work this morning.

Smell – the smell of a distant campfire. It’s one of my all time favorite smells, and I sense it often as I leave the city of Tulsa and head back home.

Feel – the feeling of the cool late-March air aiding my adrenaline on tonight’s short run around the neighborhood.

Sound – right now, of crickets, frogs, an occasional bark from the neighbor’s dog, and our own dog, Stella, lightly snoring as she drifts off to sleep.

These are all sweet little reminders that my soul was renewed today.

Will you do me a huge favor? In the comments below, will you share your 5 senses from today? I’d love to hear them!

April blogger of the monthKatherine Mason is the owner/freelance writer for Newlie Creative, LLC and author to her blog, “Newlie.” By day she works in Admissions at Clary Sage College in Tulsa. She was born in Charlotte, NC, grew up near Philadelphia, PA, and is a proud graduate of Washington College in MD.

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  1. I love the idea of paying attention to our surroundings and how it effects us. Here are mine this mornings:
    Sight: The green grass and new leaves on the trees. I love how one day everything looks dead and then the next it is spring.
    Taste: Coffee! Do I need to say anything else?
    Smell: Wet dog (we just got back from a walk and the ground was a little wet from rain). It’s kind of a gross smell…but he is such a sweetie that it reminds me how lucky we were to find him.
    Feel: Sinking into my pillow at night. I love to sleep and my bed is just so comfy. The last thing I think at night is “ahhhh, I get to lay here for 7 hours and do nothing!”
    Sound: All the happy birds outside. Another reminder of spring and that winter is finally behind us.
    Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot recently posted…Life Hack: The Baby WipesMy Profile

    • Katherine says:

      Thanks so much, Shel! I’m making 2015 my come-back year for taking in the little things more than ever. I used to do that more … life is just too fabulous not to! 🙂

  2. Mari says:

    Love this. Here’s mine, from when I took the dog for a walk to try to get us both some fresh air and exercise and to distract me from becoming anxious!

    Sight: The perennial flowers are blooming, bright blades of their leaves spearing up from the clover-laden grass.

    Taste: My lunch of leftovers is still with me… reminds me of offering a friend a piece of gum after our lunch and she said she didn’t want one because she wasn’t done with the flavor of her lunch. Always makes me smile.

    Smell: The air is so clean, all I can smell is the clean overtone of humidity, punctuated by that particular not great smell of blossoming trees. I like that smell.

    Feel: The breeze. It’s humid but the breeze has a tiny bit of chill that is refreshing.

    Sound: The jangle of the dog’s tags as we walk. My feet, stepping confidently (something I don’t normally hear because I usually have headphones). The whistle of incoming text messages. The cooing of doves and barking of dogs. A circular saw, somewhere, that reminds me of my dad. I’m thankful he’s with me in this way.
    Mari recently posted…Listen to… my husbandMy Profile

    • Katherine says:

      Ohhh I just love yours, Mari! Thank you for sharing those beautiful senses from your walk. That inspires me to walk this afternoon and take in the afternoon/evening. And, I agree about the humidity – something peaceful about it today.
      Katherine recently posted…Ragnar SoCal – 6 Days To GoMy Profile

  3. Shelley says:

    I enjoyed this post, as it made me think about my surroundings and what I sometimes take for granted. Here are my five:

    Sight: I love the view from my front door. I see beautiful Spring colors – deep green Pines, medium green bushes, fresh green new has, pink blossoms of the Red Bud, red leaves of the Japanese Maple, and the black and white of the cows across the fence.

    Taste: Dr Pepper 10 – the taste of my childhood! Even though this product want around back then, it tastes just like the original Dr Pepper in the tall glass bottles that my great-grandparents used to keep in the bottom crisper drawer of their refrigerator.

    Sound:: Jeopardy! on the television (another memory from childhood, as my mother used to watch it every day); the soft whir or the dryer, and the hum of the robot vacuum cleaner.

    Smell: The fresh scent of warm, clean cotton mingled with Yankee Candle Bunny Cake and the lingering sulphur of the struck match.

    Touch: Folding clothes – soft cotton, slippery silk, and slightly rough denim.

    Reflecting on these things reminds me if how truly fortunate I am. Thank you.

  4. Sharing sense: what a great idea, and way for everyone to share a part of their world!

    Sight: Robins, cardinals, bluejays and sparrows as they all raid a single pile of dried grass in the neighbor’s yard, building their nests.

    Taste: Fresh pineapple for breakfast! Maybe almost too ripe, but sweet and sticky.

    Sound: Clucking, squawking, and trilling chickens as I gave them treats earlier. And then thanked them for the eggs they laid me, of course.

    Smell: Fresh, rain-washed earth as I let the dog out this morning.

    Touch: The cat melting under my touch as I brushed her this afternoon. Nothing like a content kitty in your lap!
    Rebekah Loper recently posted…April Shenanigans!My Profile

  5. Allix says:

    There are few things that go together better than Spring and senses. It often seems as though all my senses really start to wake up with the rest of the world as the weather warms up. Welcome to your first Spring in Oklahoma, Katherine!

    Sight: The soft purple of Wisteria, the deep magenta of Crepe Myrtles and other bright flowers opening themselves and reaching for the sun

    Taste: Nice Guy’s Jerk Chicken Tacos (Hello, Food Truck Tuesday’s in Tulsa!)

    Smell: Fresh cut grass

    Feel: Soft grass under a blanket as I enjoyed a picnic lunch with some dear friends

    Sound: The sweet melody of my three year old’s greeting, “Hi Mama!” after a long day at work.
    Allix recently posted…How a Trip to Target Altered My DestinyMy Profile

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