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Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks

I’m not your typical blogger. Unlike most of the awesome Oklahoma Women Bloggers you’ll find here, my blog posts revolve around the photographs I capture and the words act as icing on the cupcake. But without the words, each and every post would only tell half a story.

I published my first blog post July 23, 2010 featuring the wedding of two of my wonderful clients, Cindy and Levi. More than 5 years ago. Now, needless to say, not only have my photography skills improved dramatically but so has the way I tell the story of each couple’s wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, I began blogging to get the photos out there as an addition to my portfolio. Along with my favorite images I added a few lines about how much I loved the wedding, then I hit publish. Quick as possible. After all, I’m not a writer, I’m a photographer. Why spend time and energy on the writing aspect of each blog post?

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It wasn’t until I revamped and reevaluated exactly what it was I wanted out of this business that I realized: I am a storyteller. I capture the emotion, the interactions, the details, the love. I capture the complete story of a wedding day. That’s why I do what I do.

This revelation came in mid-2014, and from that time I decided to improve the viewer experience not only in the photographs I shared but also in the words I wrote. I want viewers to read the words, and be taken even deeper into the images to feel the day as closely as possible. I want to create a connection.

It’s something I continue working on ever improving, but I get the greatest satisfaction out of blogging now instead of it just being part of the “necessary workflow” for my business.

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I have had such a great time guest blogging during November and meeting and connecting with you amazing ladies! Love this community and am so glad to be a part of it. But let’s not loose touch. Let’s be besties instead. Sign up for my twice-monthly newsletter to get the latest blog posts, news and a special discount (just for you stellar OKWB gals!) straight to your inbox.

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