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September Blogger of The Month – Why I Blog

Contributed by September Blogger of the Month, Cynthia Stevison

Why my wellness is connected to my writing.

Have you ever ask yourself why you do something? Then your thoughts intertwine.

When I ask was asked myself “why I blog” this happened to me.

I listed and sorted them into piles.

Blogging helps me find my voice.

I stuttered in my early childhood. I’m in the middle of the introvert scale. I’ve always liked solitude. People told me that I was an “old soul”. My mother excused my behavior as “shy” when I was young. My mind wandered aimlessly until I started writing.

I searched for decades for my voice. When I began journaling I heard my voice. My voice was loud but only to me. For awhile it worked. Then it didn’t. My voice needed an audience to influence. Next I wrote a book and published it.

Well that still was not enough.

I needed to be accountable for my transformation and I wanted to create good writing habits. I needed to write everyday because writing gave me a purpose. I started blogging.

Blogging gives me a platform to reach people.

It makes me a better thinker. How big is my audience? I don’t know. I’m blogging because I have the ability to use my voice to inspire. I am a storyteller. I tell my stories over social media. The content comes from a place inside. Authenticity is the key. I never want to lose my voice.

Why do I like about blogging?

I can see my growth and I like the challenge to come up with content.

Some people like watching T.V or playing video games. I like to listen and watch people. I see conversations in sentences and paragraphs. I like word building. I am a better person because I blog. When I try to come up with content I am learning. It wakes up my brain. I think the word “enlightened” comes to mind. When my mind is enlightened my confidence builds and I am willing to have more conversations which lead to more human experiences.

Yes, I do get paid for some of the blogging. I get paid to do what I love. I love to write.

Cynthia StevisonCynthia Stevison is the author of The Tree of Happiness available on Amazon. She writes about mental health awareness and you can read more about mental health and happiness on her blog, Root Words Alliance. She is a speaker and an entrepreneur. Cynthia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She lives in Oklahoma.

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