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Submitted by OkWB Community Manager, Stephanie Clinton

Envy- it gets all of us now and then.  I’ve written about blogging envy here at OkWB before.  It ebbs and flows, sometimes it rages and sometimes I think I have it under control.  I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and I still get it.  Until recently.

A few weeks ago I was meeting with some of you lovely OkWB members for coffee (if you get a chance to attend a meet up, even if it’s an informal one, do it!)  We were talking about blogging (surprise, surprise) and there was a bit of lamenting about how some bloggers can get a little too big for their britches once they hit the big time.  (Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of you.) We talked about how it hurts when someone hits the blogging lottery and then forgets all about the little guys, down in the trenches, doing our writing thing.  And then when they do reach out it is only because a paycheck is involved.  A little genuine attention now and then would be nice.  Bloggy friend Suzanne Kelley said something that has stuck with me.  I can’t quote her verbatim but it was something to the effect of “lighting someone else’s candle isn’t going to make yours any less bright”.

Bam.  I had the cure to blogging envy.

I remembered that it’s not all about me, in real life or in blogging life.  Recently I’ve had three blogging friends have some incredible achievements, two of whom are OkWB members; Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings and Amanda of Mommy is Coo Coo.  Amanda had one of her craft posts picked up by HuffPo and Dee was labeled as a blogger to watch in 2015 by Southern Living Magazine.  Southern Living!  Both of those are huge accomplishments in my opinion.  Instead of becoming insanely jealous, this time I was genuinely happy for them.  I was happy because I know they work really hard on their blogs and they deserve to be recognized.  This time I thought about what Suzanne had said and knew there are enough accolades for all of us.  This time was their time, not mine.

Lighting someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours any less bright, it makes everything else brighter and easier to see.  This week I encourage you to share your favorite post of someone else’s blog on FB, Twitter or whatever social media outlet you prefer.  Share some love and light and know that there is enough for all of us.

Oklahoma Women BloggersStephanie is a writer, blogger and avid housework avoider.  In addition to being a Community Manager for Oklahoma Women Bloggers, she also writes her own blog, Hugs, Kisses and Snot.  Discover parenting, humor and all sorts of shenanigans at 

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  1. I agree – it’s like a writer celebrating for an author friend when their book gets published. Because they are saying something different than what you are saying, their accomplishment doesn’t in any way undermine the first writer’s efforts in progress, it serves to motivate by demonstrating that perseverance and work will result in one’s own message getting out there. Ask me how I know!
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