Shel Harrington: Why I Blog

Shel HarringtonThanks to Shel Harrington for being the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Blogger of the Month for June. Shel blogs about how NOT to get divorced and also on growing older and getting fit. We’ve enjoyed getting to spend time with Shel this month and hope you have, too!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Blog

10. Blogging gives me a reality check. Sometimes I have a brilliant idea. Puffed up with my own genius, I bestow my thoughts upon my readers. Only to be met with deafening silence. OK – so maybe not brilliant – but interesting? According to the number of responses at such times, only marginally.

9. Blogging promotes self awareness. And then, shoulders hunkered in shame, I dash off a bit of a vent (helloooo Gwyneth!) The lashback? A spirited discussion that I never saw coming and couldn’t recreate again if I tried without sincerely being riled up about something. (So now I’m ravaging the newspaper just waiting for the next public ‘conscious – uncoupling’ equivalent to tear into.)

8. Blogging shows I get it. When I hear for the billionth time “writer’s write” – I can say “I know” – have you seen my blog?

7. Blogging gives me an opportunity to say “I’m a blogger”. Often to be followed with “No – that’s not a medical condition”.

6. Blogging keeps me in touch with my inner angst – which is great for a writer. (Will they read it? Will they like it? Will they comment? Will they share it? Will they unsubscribe? Ugh!)

5. Blogging gives me a reason to subscribe to 42 magazines. Flipping through magazines used to be called “wasting time.” Now it’s called “research.”

4. Blogging justifies my hanging out on the net. Social media used to be a “time-suck.” Now it’s “networking”.

3. Blogging keeps me in touch with kindred spirits. Who knew that me and my best friend weren’t to only Fat-Bottom-Fifties wanting to get fierce???

2. Which allows me to pass out business cards with fat-bottom ladies that make people smile. Or laugh-out-loud if I had intended to give them my lawyer business card. (Note to self: stop carrying them in the same card holder)

fat lady bus card

AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON I BLOG? (Drumroll, please) For that person whose comment that starts with “What you said really . . . ” and ends with “made a difference” or “made me-re-think what I was doing” or “was just what I needed to hear today” Ahhhh. Sweet confirmation that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing – and a reminder of the power of words..

My Top 3 Blogging Tips?

  1. Keep an editorial calendar. When I stopped letting the fancy title intimidate me and realized it’s just a plain old calendar with ideas jotted in as I think of them, I had a field day with it. I write my post ideas on small post-it notes and stick them on a day I think it will work, knowing they can be easily shifted if things change. (Example: in February I learn May is “Date Your Mate Month” so I put a sticky note on May 1 with “Date Your Mate For Free!” Then comes May 1 and Gwyneth Paltrow makes a comment I can run with. I move the sticky to the next post spot in May.) I love opening up my calendar and being reminded of seasonal ideas I had months ago.
  2. Magazines are your friend. My motto? Flip, rip, tip. As in flip through the magazine, rip out the page with the interesting info, educate your readers with the new-found tip.I have numerous files with scribbled-on magazine pages just waiting for their turn to be discussed.
  3. Learn how to schedule posts. Maybe this is commons sense to the rest of you, but I assumed it would entail some technical process and didn’t look into it until I had been blogging for a year. (In other words, only a few months ago!) Turns out it’s as easy as ‘figuring out’ how to change fonts. I feel empowered having the ability to have something ready to go ahead of time for a busy week and not having to worry about finding time to get it posted.


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