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life is better when you're laughing
Oh my goodness!  Has it been a whole month already?  The first three weeks’ posts were fairly easy, but I have struggled with this final one for the Oklahoma Women Bloggers forum.  It is “why I blog”.
Initially, I blogged to showcase my homemade cupcakes, although I didn’t share the recipes.  It really started as a way to keep everything in one place – in case I ever lost track of the photos on my phone or online, they would be stored in my blog for me to look at later.
After a while, other foods started to make appearances…then other things that interested me, such as my trip to Antiques Roadshow or my dogs.  When I realized this, I changed my blog goal from baking to blogging “about the sweet things in life”.  I realized my intent changed as well.  Instead of posting photos and descriptions, I moved more toward story telling with photos to document moments I wanted to remember.  Blogging also became therapeutic at times, such as when I wrote about my loved ones who were deceased, whether they were human or animal.
Mostly, I just blog for me, but hope that maybe one person somewhere might read a post and smile or relive a similar memory, if only for a moment.
Thanks for the opportunity to be the featured blogger.


Shelley ChandlerShelley is a retired social worker, a former police officer, a wife, a mother with an empty nest, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She and her husband (also a retired State employee) have been married for 22 years and counting. They have two grandchildren and are joyously expecting their third grandson in October. Shelley blogs at The Tao of Cake where she hopes her readers will be inspired to try something new or maybe just bake more often. She believes in comfort food and thinks the stories behind the food feed the soul just as much as the body.
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