Snake Phobia

Ophidiophobia is the abnormal fear of snakes according to Wikipedia.  I don’t see what is abnormal about being afraid of something so dangerous.  Snakes can kill you.  The poisonous ones with their venom, and the others when you run away screaming and fall over a cliff or have a heart attack. Doesn’t matter how it happened, dead is dead.  I’ll admit it, I’m no better than Pee Wee Herman when it comes to snakes.  I don’t like them and I’m sure they don’t like me either.

When we owned a place at Keystone Lake we were warned about the copperheads.  They are a small snake (normally) and are a shimmery copper color in the sun.  But, they are very poisonous and you didn’t run around barefoot or turn over rocks with your bare hands because they were often under the rocks.  I know, I saw many of them.  I always used a long handled rake to turn over a rock after I saw a large “worm” curl into a striking pose.  That will get your attention.  I dropped the rock, but he got away.  Some weren’t so lucky.

Many people don’t like snakes and with good reason. It is hard to like something that hides, slithers quietly, is cold to the touch, and has slanty eyes.  Was it really a snake that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden?  I mean would you take an apple from a snake?  Ick!  But, the devil was depicted as a snake.  Makes you think, doesn’t it.

Indiana Jones was afraid of nothing – but snakes.  “Why’d it have to be snakes?” he said more than once in his movies.  And his enemies knew his weakness.

I’m sure God had a reason for putting snakes on this earth, but it remains a mystery to me.  The only thing I can think of that is good about snakes is – they have great abs.  I mean really, they move everywhere without benefit of arms or legs.  Maybe if I did more slithering, I’d get rid of my muffin top.  But, I still don’t like them.

Peggy good onePeggy Chambers lives in her hometown of Enid, Oklahoma with her husband and dog Athena.   She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. and always has a story floating around in her head just waiting to come out. Visit her weekly blog at: 

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  1. Lucie says:

    My dearest Peggy. There’s a lively 5-ft boa I could introduce you to at Leonardo’s. Just kidding. I know a lot of people hate snakes, and I don’t like strange ones slithering in the grass near my feet, but the tame ones can be quite affectionate. When I was science coordinator for the local kids museum, I often walked around with a snake wrapped around me. They love body heat and after a while the slithering sort of feels like a massage.

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