Sometimes You Just Need to Be Silly

 Last week was simply not fun. Spending the majority of your week sniffling, sneezing, coughing, congested, and downright miserable is not fun. Falling further behind than you already were on important projects, blog posts, radio show planning, family responsibilities, and trying to juggle two other jobs in addition to all that, is not fun. In fact, by the end of the week, I just wanted to hide under my covers and cry from frustration and feelings of being totally overwhelmed. But, of course, that didn’t happen because I had places to be and tasks that had to be done. It’s times like these that call for desperate measures. Times like these call for a huge dose of some not so serious medicine – silliness!

Fortunately, I have a husband with an incredible sense of humor. That helps tremendously, because he has no fear of acting silly to make me laugh. He’s also a very loving and caring guy. After such a stressful week, he took me on a belated Valentine’s Day date so we could spend time together and relax. We had a delicious dinner and decided to see a movie. Our choice for the evening was “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Bruce Willis. Having watched the other movies in this series, we knew this was a movie where we could turn off our brains and just enjoy the intense and utterly absurd action scenes. I won’t give any spoilers, in case you plan to see it, but let’s just say that this sequel may be the most unbelievable and impossible one of them all. But that is partly what made it so fun. We had a great time laughing at it! It definitely fit the bill for being silly, even though I’m sure that is not what the director intended.

Later that night, I was still wide awake and actually feeling better than I had all week. I decided to turn on USA network’s Psych marathon, since it is one of my favorite shows. They were running an all-night marathon and calling it the Psych Slumber Party. Viewers could tweet along with some of the cast members during the show and many tweets were being scrolled along the bottom of the television screen during each episode. Thousands of people were tweeting along during the show and the hashtag, #PsychSlumberParty, trended on Twitter for a few hours. I knew staying up watching a television show and tweeting all night probably wasn’t the smartest or most responsible thing for me to do while trying to recover from an illness, especially when I had a very busy day ahead. The “mommy voice” in my head kept telling myself to turn it off and go to sleep. Or, if I couldn’t sleep then I should do something productive to catch up on everything that is behind. But the little kid in me rebelled. And so I watched. And watched. And watched some more.

By the time the marathon ended at 5 in the morning, I was sleepy, blurry-eyed, and feeling a little foolish. But I was also very, very happy. For those few short hours of mindless, silly television watching and trying not to laugh out too loudly so I didn’t wake my family, I finally felt that the stress and weight of the world I’d been carrying on my shoulders had been lifted. My to-do list didn’t get any shorter, but it stopped seeming quite so impossible. My mood and attitude had drastically improved. Life wasn’t as serious and stressful as it had seemed. Even after only 4 hours sleep, I was able to get up the next morning ready to tackle the day and enjoy it because I still felt the positive effects of the endorphins released by all that laughing.

Sometimes you just need to do something ridiculous and silly. Sometimes a little dose of silliness is just what the doctor ordered. Take two laughs and call me in the morning!

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