Spring Cleaning Your Bookshelves

Are you a hoarder of books? I can be! Since I’ve started my book blog, I have gotten a LOT of books. My shelves are now overflowing with many wonderful titles. I ask myself: what do I do with all of these books? Should I get rid of them? NOOOOO! I hear Golem in my head saying, “my precious” over and over again while hugging all my books.

At times, I have a serious problem letting go of my books. I get so attached to the stories and characters. Plus, what if I want to read it again?! I have to have that book available at all times just in case I get that crazy urge. I can get so attached that I don’t even like to loan books out. What if I never see it again? Goodness, gracious me!!

With the New Year, I pledge to spring clean my shelves! Now that I have made my decision (yes, it was difficult!), how do I do it? There are actually many ways to clean up your books. You can sell them, donate them, or even giveaway them away as prizes on your blog.
If you love to have garage sales, books are a great seller! You can price your hardbacks for a $1.00 and paperbacks for $.25-.50 and watch them fly off your shelves. I remember one sale where I was selling so many books that I ran back inside to get more. Children’s books sell like hotcakes! Garages sales are one good way to get rid of your books.

However, if you’re like me and don’t like garages sales (I find them too stressful), donating books may be your best bet. United way and the Salvation Army love book donations. Plus you will receive a nice little tax deduction. Another good place to consider donating to is your local library. It is a great way to support your community! Remember to make sure that your books are in good condition and gently used. So far this year, I’ve donated SEVERAL boxes of books.

Another way I plan to downsize my bookshelves is to host book giveaways on my blog. This is a great way to pass some great books on to fellow book lovers. For example, I’m participating in a book challenge where I plan to read Night Circus, Soulless, The Thirteenth Tale, The Rules of Civility and The Book Thief. Once I complete the challenge, I plan to pack them all in a box and send them to one lucky winner. Giveaways are a great way to promote your blog and gain new followers!

Well, that’s how I plan to spring clean my bookshelves! How about you?



Kendal Stegmann is our blogger of the month. She blogs at www.kinksbooknook.blogspot.com


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  1. When I used to own my bookshop, I would scour Goodwill and Salvation Army for backstock. I’d peruse the garagesales with boxes marked “entire box 5 dollars” it was a great way to find treasure. These days, I just throw EVERYTHING I’m getting rid of into a pile in my floor and call a few friends over. I’ve set aside cookbooks and such for my friend who is rebuilding her collection after the devastating tornados a few springs ago. The rest, I take to a local used bookshop and donate. Which reminds me…it’s probably time to do this again!

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