Springtime is Springing

Contributed by Blogger of the Month Peggy Chambers

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day. In Enid we have an Irish pub and anyone—Irish or not—can celebrate with green beer (at least if you are over 21). Callahan’s has a clock on the wall counting down the hours until the next St Patrick’s day and they serve Blarney Stones, Shepherds’ Pot Roast, Dublin Meat Pie, Mushy Peas and lots and lots of beer.

March 16 pix

I’m sure there are celebrations of the Irish holiday everywhere, not just Callahan’s. But you are welcome to come to Enid if you like, or find a place near you. And don’t forget to wear green on the 17th.

Spring has sprung—or it will this week on the 20th. I’ve promised the dog more walks once the weather warmed up. I need the exercise and her little belly has grown some over the long, cold winter. Maybe mine has too.

I have tulip bulbs to put out that didn’t quite get in the ground last fall. I love the moist smell of warming earth. Dirt under my nails means I have spent a good day accomplishing something that will bring me joy later. I read that if you don’t get your bulbs in the ground in November, you should put them in a cool dark place until the freezes have ended and then plant them. As you know in Oklahoma, trying to decide when the last freeze will be is almost as hard as nailing Jell-O to a wall. We know it happens sometime after Christmas but before tornado season. Wish me luck. Oh that’s right; March is the month of luck. So how can I go wrong? Happy spring!

Peggy good onePeggy Chambers is an award winning, twice-published author, always working on another. She attended PU, UCO and is a graduate of OU. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, OWFI, Oklahoma Women Bloggers and OWL. There’s always another story weaving around in her brain trying to come out.

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