Sunday Potluck

Firstly, I’d like to give a shout out to all our OKWB ladies in Arkansas this weekend for the AWBU conference! I hope they’re learning tons, making great connections, and hopefully not partying too hard.

Can you believe that it’s the last Sunday in August? I sure can’t. I think 2015 is actually speeding up as we go. At this rate, December will probably only last 15 minutes. Or maybe we all just need to sit back, slow down, and take stock of the world around us a little bit more. I know I sure could stand to do that.

So, let this Sunday Potluck be a place for you to slow down and take stock. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea–or heck, a margarita if you have a pitcher handy. Add your post from last week to our link up, and then read through the others that have posted. That’s just the ticket to get you ready for the week ahead.

-XOXO Marisa

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One comment

  1. No. No no no I truly cannot believe how quickly time is passing. It bothers me, except that tomorrow promises beautiful stuff too.
    But yes to slowing down and pressing the details firmly into our skin.

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