Sunday Potluck


Good morning and happy Sunday, bloggers! I hope your weekend was full of good, quality family time, holiday memories, and enough leftover pie to give you breakfast for the next week. I’m quite proud to say that I’ve put on enough holiday weight in the past 4 days to ensure that I’ll be wearing elastic waistbands for the next few months. I’m really earning my New Years weight loss resolutions this year.

Anyway, while you’re sipping your coffee and looking through Pinterest for ways to use up your leftover turkey, don’t forget to link up with us and read about what your bloggy sisters have been up to this past week.

Marisa MohiMarisa Mohi teaches Business Writing at the University of Oklahoma and is one half of the editing team at Dominion House. She’s a sporadically blogs at and is a contributing blogger for The Lost Ogle. When not ruling the blogging and academic worlds, she’s kind of busy tweeting way too much to get any real work done.

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