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Submitted by OWB Member Katherine Mason

My sister, Carolyn, and I have always been close, but reluctantly we’ve lived far from each other for most of our adult lives. We’ve never been fans of this distance, but perhaps it’s also what’s brought us closer over the years.

Carolyn and KatherineShe’s 6+ years older than me yet we’re practically twins… just with completely different hair. We sound alike: same laugh, nearly the same voice, and we even catch ourselves saying the same thing at the same time with identically pitched voice inflection. ‘Lil spooky sometimes! It’s a lovely reminder of the beautiful bond we share; one that will never be broken by distance.

It’s hard being away from family, especially when you consider your sister one of your best friends. Miss you, “CareCare.” Luckily, with the help of a little game called “tell me three,” she’s remedied this long distance; especially when we’ve unintentionally allowed for long bursts of time go without reconnecting. Life happens. We get busy and easily become tangled in the daily “to do’s.” Now, she’ll text me those three words, allowing us to stop and share what our days/weeks are like:

“Tell me three!”

It’s a sweet and simple remedy to reconnect. It’s a practice that I highly recommend for staying in touch with the special people in your life.

These three things can be anything: what you made for lunch, embarrassing stories, how you finally folded that pile of laundry in your chair that—until today—was the size of Mt. Everest, a free latte on the way to work, how you did a cartwheel in your backyard after getting good news but no one was around to see it… anything!

Take yesterday, for example. For me, one of my three was joining the fabulous online community of OKWB (Oklahoma Women Bloggers)! For Carolyn, I learned that she and her precious kids created a homemade “terrarium” in a large glass vase, which both mimics and exposes the life cycle of a pond. So cool!

It’s not a contest. It’s a chance to stop, reflect, and connect. It also gives you a chance to think about what’s important to you. What stood out in your day or week? What’s worth sharing? What’s uncontrollably laughable now… but got you all hot and bothered earlier that day?

In an age where our heads are buried in laptops, cell phones, plans, and deadlines—it’s important to lift up our heads and hears to offer a brief exchange of your life and theirs. This could be a nightly practice over dinner with your husband and/or family. Maybe a much needed night out with the girls! How ‘bout a group text with your best friends? Or, make it personal and start writing these things down in a journal for better daily reflection. Whatever you want!

It’s totally fitting that I leave you with my “3” from today—BUT—to keep things fair, I ask that you comment with your “3” below. Got it? Fabulous.

  • My yellow lab is passed out right now, aggressively snoring on our fully extended reclining leather sofa. Tough life.
  • Tonight, my husband and I plan to spend New Year’s Eve at a line-dancing bar in Tulsa! We’re horrible line-dancers so far. No doubt about it. We’ve been together for 5 years, married for 2 of them now, and I’m head over heels in love with him. Let’s just hope that my head doesn’t literally fall over my cowgirl boots’ heels as I awkwardly attempt to shuffle the two-step… backwards. How DO you ladies do it?!
  • Feeling a little under the weather since our recent week of travels out East for the holidays. Today’s lunch will include chicken soup along with a cup (or 27) of hot tea with honey and lemon. And maybe ice cream… chocolate… chocolate ice cream… is it lunchtime yet?


…tell me three!  🙂

Head Shot - Katherine MasonKatherine Mason recently moved to Owasso, Oklahoma from Washington, DC with her husband Sean and yellow lab Stella. They immediately fell in love and are thrilled to call it their “Okla-home-a.” Kathreine is the owner and freelance writer behind Newlie Creative, LLC, and you may also find her on her personal blog, “Newlie.

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  1. ShaRhonda says:

    Hi Katherine! I LOVE THIS! Going to try this out.

    My three:
    1. Scrambled to find a one subject notebook, string backpack, and mechanical pencils two minutes before the bus came at 7:08 for my 8th grader. He left his in his athletic locker at the gym where he is bussed to 6th hour, then didn’t return because we brought him home with us after an away game last night. Lovely.
    2. Almost 8 year old daughter has began wearing bralettes. She has 4 of cute little fabric pieces and can’t find any. My goodness.
    3. I’m going shopping at Michael’s today!!! WooHoo! Birthday party planning and craft time!

    You asked! Lol!
    ShaRhonda recently posted…Goodbye 2014 & Word for the YearMy Profile

  2. Joy says:

    My three:
    1. IT’S SNOWING! Normally this would not be okay, but it’s such a light dusting falling out of the sky, it’s beautiful. And I happened to be the only one who made it to work today so I’m enjoying the quiet time to…do whatever I want! 😉
    2. A few weeks ago I started a meditation practice in the morning before getting ready for the day. 10 minutes of sitting quietly with my eyes closed. WHY IS THIS SO HARD??!! It’s hard to be quiet and present. It’s hard to not have a million thoughts running through your mind. It’s hard not to scratch every itch…because you’re so aware of EVERY ITCH. Ugh. I’m pretty confident it is important and that it will get easier…but man, it’s a challenge.
    3. I’m ready for lunch too…and that’s still at least an hour away. Probably should be two hours away, but I won’t last. 😛
    Joy recently posted…CHRISTMAS!! This year we had celebrated the holiday with all the…My Profile

    • Katherine says:

      Awww! Joy I love your three!
      1 – love those moments when it’s just you at work.
      2 – makes me think of that scene in Eat Pray Love when she tries meditating in India for the first time
      3 – early lunch means early dinner – win win, no?! 😉

      Thanks for sharing!
      Katherine recently posted…Slow Cooker Beef StewMy Profile

  3. Susie says:

    I love this post, Katherine!
    Here’s my 3:
    1) I moved from Nebraska to Oklahoma when I got married 11 years ago and my favorite thing (besides Hubby of course) is the usually mild winters (what happened this year?)! The sun is shining brightly today and it is sooooo nice!
    2) I’m beginning the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle (have you heard of it?). Slow and steady takes the cake (oops… pun intended). My sis sent me the book in June, I read it and actually started following it (kind of) in October, and then in December it finally clicked and I’m starting to lose weight (3.8lbs in 3 weeks, then maintained over holiday week). Tomorrow’s my Weigh In Wednesday and I’m expecting good things! 3) Last winter I discovered and “fell in love with” Butternut Squash Soup and this winter I think I’ve had it once… I better get making me some soup!

    • Katherine says:

      Love those 3, Susie! Thanks so much for sharing! About 1) I completely agree – what’s up with this cold winter? Maybe my hubby and I brought it with us from the East…oops. 2) Congrats on the loss so far! That’s awesome! 3) Sounds delish. I’m in the mood for soup now 🙂

      Thanks again!
      Katherine recently posted…OKWB Guest Post: “Tell Me Three”My Profile

  4. There are 6 1/2 years difference between my sister and me. She’s my best friend. I love your idea of Tell Me Three.

    1. I’m baking a cake for my son’s 27th birthday. The house smells wonderful (and I’ll get to lick the chocolate frosting bowl!).
    2. My other “baby” my dog Kira is sitting in the chair next to me. Her big brown eyes are trying to convince me that it really is lunch time.
    3. I’m having a “lounge” day. However, I’ll have to change out of my jammies soon.
    Susan York Meyers recently posted…I’m Thankful for… Unseen Early Morning HoursMy Profile

    • Katherine says:

      Susan – we have…like…everything in common, hah! Love those “3” – sounds like a perfect day. Pretty darn close to my day so far, too! Happy Birthday to your son, and happy lounge day to you and Kira! 🙂

  5. Such a great post and an awesome way to stay connected. Thank you!
    My three:
    1. A awesome author did a presentation at my son’s school yesterday. Then I reached out to her via FB to see if she wanted to meet to talk more about writing. We’ll see if she isn’t too creeped out and gets back to me.
    2. My 5 yr old wanted to eat his breakfast in his indoor play tent. Sure!
    3. All of the ornaments are off the tree but the tree is still up. I’m waiting for my husband to finish his super busy week at work to put it away.
    Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot recently posted…Listen To Your Mother Auditions are OpenMy Profile

    • Katherine says:

      Stephanie – love your 3!!

      1- love that you reached out – that will mean the world to her!
      2- if I had an indoor play tent (…as a 30-something year old…) I’d totally eat my breakfast in it too – hah! Cool start to the day.
      3- you’re a step ahead of us! We still have yet to get the ornaments off our tree. Needed that reminder.

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