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A year ago, I sat in a local church gym while my daughters practiced basketball, and I wrote out the story of my younger daughter (who had just sunk two buckets) wearing my thong to school as ponytail holder.  That evening, I attached it to an email and submitted my piece for consideration to the Listen To Your Mother show in Northwest Arkansas.  A few weeks later, I went for a live reading and was ultimately cast as Mother.


A year ago, Misti Pryor, found herself sitting on her couch writing about not being a mother. She went to Arkansas for a live reading and ultimately to be a part of the show. We are fellow “Mothers.”

A year later, Misti & I (along with Julie Bohannon) find ourselves, again, sitting at our computers (sometimes on Misti’s couch) reading over the submissions for the Oklahoma debut of the Listen To Your Mother show. And, we want to read YOUR submission too.

Tell your story of motherhood–you don’t have to be a mother to share your story; it just needs to be a story about motherhood.

Send your submission to

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be called for a live reading.

Maybe you’ll be cast in a show.

And maybe your life will be flooded with more amazing friendships.

Get busy writing–we want your story.

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