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Contributed by Stephanie Clinton, OKWB Community Manager

After the Oklahoma City bombing and the outpouring of support, resources, donations, volunteerism; the rest of the world took notice and started to call what came naturally to Oklahomans “The Oklahoma Standard”.  When you walk through the OKC Memorial Museum there is story after story of people giving, helping, doing what they could for the victims and their families.  Not just friends and family members but strangers.  One man drove to the site, pulled off her nearly new work boots and gave it to a rescue worker whose boots were nearly worn out.  A stranger, helping a stranger…just because he knew it was the right thing to do.

That’s what the Oklahoma Standard is all about.  Honoring those who perished in the bombing, volunteering in the community and showing kindness to those around you.  20 years may have passed but the spirit of the Oklahoma Standard is still going strong.

Oklahoma Women Bloggers has committed to the Oklahoma Standard and participated in March and April.  In March, a small group of us met at the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank to pack boxes.  It was hard work but very rewarding.

IMG_6095Mari Farthing packing up the juice

OKWB continued the call in April by visiting the Memorial.  I’ve visited the Memorial several times but each time I walk through the 9:03 gate I feel a wave of grief, compassion and healing hit me.  I see the chairs and I feel like time stands still.  Those babies are still just babies, cradled in eternal arms of love; those fathers and mothers wait patiently to be reunited with the pieces of their heart they were forced to leave here back on earth.  No matter your religious upbringing or your understanding of why we are here, you can’t help but know that there is something “more” happening at the Memorial.

IMG_6436Survivor Tree

IMG_6433Reflecting pool

IMG_64379:03 gateway

IMG_6439Oklahoma Women Bloggers members left to right: Katie Trattner, Mae Kiggins, Stephanie Clinton, Marisa Mohi,
Rose Marie B

More than likely you have participated in the Oklahoma Standard without really knowing it.  Have you shown kindness to a friend or stranger?  Did you run in the Memorial marathon?  Do you volunteer in your community?  Do you have kind words for those around you? Do you donate to a local charity?  Those are all ways that make up the beautiful tapestry of Oklahoma and the values we cherish.

So lets here it.  Share with us in the comments how you have participated or share your blog posts about your experiences.  Don’t be shy, lighting your candle chases the dark away.

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