There will only be good days

Sipping coffee at a small table in the Wild Oats café many years ago, Ben told me he wasn’t afraid of the new business venture we were discussing.  He said well there are really only two kinds of days and both are good.

I inquired, “Two kinds of days?”  I was born to be an entrepreneur so I am rarely afraid of any new venture, but I had to know what he meant.

“Yep,” he smiled.  “Days you make money and days you learn.”

And while I don’t think that my friend was the originator of this pearl, I will always be grateful for the day he shared this bit of wisdom.

I was struck by the importance of the statement to someone who could simply and logically believe it to be true.  No matter how many learning days Ben encountered, I believed he would always land on his feet because he would never be discouraged.

Many lessons and years later, I am again contemplating my New Year’s resolutions and the goals I have for 2013.  My family and I enjoy this tradition and delight in our annual “year-end review” where we check everyone’s progress.  And while I hope that there will be more money making than learning days, I look forward to the pursuit of my new goals.   I hope that I achieve them this year, but if I don’t then I eventually will.

I’ve come to believe that setbacks are the number one reason that people give up on their dreams, and I know beyond all doubt it is why you can be assured that the fight for a treadmill at the YMCA (or other fitness facility) will be over by mid-February.  It’s like geese flying south for the winter or salmon swimming upstream…weight loss hopefuls that sign up in January have a setback and give up by the middle of February, year after year after year.

People who achieve their dreams know something that the others don’t know.  They know that they will encounter both kinds of days on the road to success and the key is to recognize the lesson on a learning day.

So whether your goals for 2013 are scribed neatly on your refrigerator and taped to your bathroom mirror or even just broad aspirations of being the best mother or wife you can be.

Whether your good days are an unexpected check in the mail or learning to express love and gentleness when your baby daughter breaks your favorite vase, I hope that 2013 brings you only good days.

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  1. Since I first read this entry, it’s been in the back of my mind. Knowing that the moments that weren’t so great were moments when I was learning made them easier. Thanks for sharing.

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