Those who CAN …

Have you ever heard the phrase:
Those that can’t DO, teach?

Yeah. I think it’s crap on many levels but in my instance, it really is spot on.

I’m such a proponent for the concept of Women and Voice.
I fight and cheer and mentor and help promote scenarios where that voice can be found.
I take an active part in providing space for that voice to be used.
I support agencies and groups of people who support that same idea.

Yet in my own life…sometimes my voice is the most quiet. I’m the quiet mumbly girl from Pitch Perfect.

I’ve recently been able to get clear about a misunderstanding with a long time friend. Only recently have I been able to say the things that need to be said.
I’m sorry.
You broke my heart.
I should have told you no.
I feel jealous and hurt and left out.
I am angry.
I am done.
I am finished with all of this.

I am profoundly relieved that I could say these things. My body has released a tension that I’ve been holding onto for over a year. The pit in my stomach is nowhere to be found and the sleep? Ohhhhh I’ve had High School Sleep ever since. (That kind of sleep where nothing disturbs you and you have amazing dreams about Rick Springfield and you always fall right back into it if you do wake up) High School Sleep is almost as good as Hotel Sleep.

Sweet release.

Voice is a powerful thing. I’ve always always known that. I’ve always strived to be a woman that practiced that.

I think the piece we never really address with that is Courage. It takes courage to use your voice. It takes courage to advocate for yourself and for your emotions.

For me, it took a friend saying, “I will circle you with Courage, like the Lion,” and suddenly I was empowered to open my heart and my voice came out like a RAWR.

I shook off the bindings of guilt and anger and hurt, I spoke from my heart and I really haven’t looked back.

I’m always taken a bit by surprise at these life lessons.
Mostly because I still think I know everything about lots of stuff.
I’m happy that I’m still learning.
Courage and Voice.

Now when I teach, I can teach from experience.

MistiMisti Pryor blogs at Mistiridiculous.

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  1. Rose Marie B says:

    It’s funny how much courage you need to speak to those you love the most. So much vulnerability…way to go! I hope your friendship is stronger for it and thanks for sharing.

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