Versona Fashion Review

Contributed by Stephanie Clinton, OKWB Community Manager

It seems that March came in like a lion and went out like a lion this year.  I’m planning on April being a lamb of a month because I can not wait to put away my winter clothes.  I just can’t take any more black and grey and sweaters and leggings.  Please no more thick layers! Just when we can’t take any more cold weather, mother nature has mercy on us and gives us a new lease on spring fashion.

Versona fashionVersona was gracious enough to give a few OKWB bloggers gift cards to try out their new store in Midwest City.  Personally, I’m in love with Versona.  They have so much more than accessories and their prices are great. I decided to be a little adventurous with my gift card and get a few things that I normally would not buy and I’m so glad I did.  I’m in love with my new flowy tops and hoop earrings.  You can see the rest of my purchases on my Versona review post here.

Mari Farthing took her personal shopper to help her pick out something special and they both came away with some fabulous finds.  Find out more from Mari on her blog about not being a frumpy dresser and body image.

versona fashionWhen I visited Versona, I was impressed with the wide range of items available—from hats to shoes, tops and bottoms, accessories of all kinds—all organized and color-coordinated around the store, which cut down on the overwhelming factor that can hit when you walk into a giant store filled with great clothes and accessories.

statement necklaceI was also pleased to see a good range of sizes in the store—from junior small up to misses 18. I’ve avoided going to stores when I just don’t think I’ll find anything that will fit me, even if I’m just looking at the accessories. Finding a good range of sizes makes me feel comfortable. Finding friendly sales people no matter what sizes the store has makes me feel even better. Versona has both. On my trip to Versona, I was looking for accessories, specifically a necklace and a fun bracelet to punch up my existing wardrobe, and I found exactly what I was looking for pretty easily. The pieces are well-priced and on-trend, which makes it easy to update your wardrobe with accessories every season.


Jamie Reed is all about fashion on her blog so the gal knows what she is talking about.  I am impressed by anybody who can pull off a jumpsuit and Jamie is just, wow!  Jumpsuits and maxi dresses were made for tall women, so go for it Jamie!  Visit Jamie’s blog, JK Style, to discover all of the super cute clothes and accessories she found.Versona-Red-Beaded-Top-1-768x1024

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  1. Hi Jamie, So sweet of you for sharing such awesome review of Versona Fashion.

    Seems that versona comes with huge collection of fashionable accessories that are trendy now these days. Glad to hear about that it completes all things from top to bottom means from hat to sandals. I’m interesting to visit it’s store as soon as possible.

    As we all know that, people are crazy about trendy fashion. Therefore, we need to collect every fashionable thing which may be useful for coming trendy persons in future.

    People keep changing according to the times. Therefore, we should have to introduce them to a new generation style. Thanks for sharing this post.

    ~ Ravi.

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