Welcome to July

Posted by Mari Farthing, Oklahoma Women Bloggers admin.

No denying it, summer is in full swing! The temperatures are rising, the fireworks stands are open and the mosquitoes are biting. I’ve eaten a watermelon, treated a sunburn and the kids have ran through the sprinklers. July is officially here.

This month on the OWB, we’re celebrating all things hot! Well, mostly I’ll be celebrating spicy foods and finding ways to stay cool, but we all do things our own ways, right? We also decided we want to focus on gratitude this month. What are you thankful for? How much of an impact on your day do you think it would have to start out with a conscious decision to be thankful  and show gratitude? It’s a powerful movement.

For several years, I’ve tried to set my mood to “happy” when I wake up, and last year when I attended the AWBU convention, I asked to be paired up with a gratitude partner, and every day for six months, this stranger and I shared over email a few things we were grateful for. Getting in the habit of doing that on a daily basis made you really try to find the silver lining in just about every situation. I saved all of those emails and it still brings me comfort to read the usually small and easy to miss things we were both grateful for.

me giveaway picOne major thing I’m grateful for is the connection to others that I’ve enjoyed through being a part of OWB, and every month we get to highlight one of our state’s bloggers.

Our blogger of the month for July is Kristal Strong, and we’re so happy to feature this new homeschooling mom! Can’t wait to learn more about this blogger, originally from Ohio.


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  1. Lucie says:

    I really do wake up every day and feel grateful that I just woke up. That was a gift from having a brain tumor and sort of “cutting it close” to never waking up again. I’m so grateful for my friends and our writing club here in Enid. I too enjoy meeting other writers online but it’s the face-to-face support of my local group that means the most.

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