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Memorial Day came early this year and school is out for the summer. Coming from up north (Wisconsin), I remember school lasting long into the month of June, and those last few weeks after Memorial Day always seemed like the l-o-n-g-e-s-t weeks of the year. As an adult, they still seem like the l-o-n-g-e-s-t days of the year, when it’s not quite summer but not quite spring and the kids get restless. My summer routine needs to wind up a little earlier, it seems.

Our June theme is “Staycations”–and it’s a theme I’m very familiar with. During my time as the editor of MetroFamily Magazine, it was an important focus; parents want to know what there is to do and Oklahoma has so very much to offer. With all the different temperate zones in the state, you can spend an entire summer exploring new territory without ever crossing a state line.


Hitting the park—hands down, my favorite way to spend
a summer day.

This year, my Staycation plans will include biking, swimming, crystal digging, animal seeing and al fresco wine sipping. Sounds like a winning imagessummer to me. Hands-down, my favorite book about summer is called (logically) Summer, by Alice Low. It’s one of the books my kids received when enrolled in the Dr. Seuss book club, and it just warms my heart still today when I see it on the shelf.

We like the things that summer brings.
It brings the sun.
It brings the heat.
It brings the things we like to eat.

I don’t know what it is about the simple poetry in this book, but it speaks to my soul. I recall summers spent running around barefoot, swinging in trees, eating watermelon and stealing wild raspberries and rhubarb from my neighbor’s garden. Summers spent in Milwaukee were a wonderful mix of urban and suburban somehow, thanks to all the green space. I wish I could take my kids back to the summer streets I grew up on and show them the things that made me happy. I’m sure they’d roll their eyes and give me a “come on, Mom,” before kicking off their own shoes and playing when they were sure I wasn’t looking.

Come back tomorrow to meet our new blogger of the month for June, Shel Harrington. She’s also a girl from up north like me and her first post is about her summer vacation/staycation to visit her parents’ retirement community. I know she’ll make you smile as you get to know her.

What’s on tap for you this summer? Let’s get it started!

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