Welcome to November

Submitted by OWB Admin Mari Farthing

I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing in a deep sigh of relief that it seems like fall may be finally here in Oklahoma. After a week with highs near 90, there is nothing at all I hate about a freeze warning and highs about half of what they were last week.

Last month, we hosted our first-ever Instagram Challenge, using the #OWBPhotoChallenge hashtag, and what great participation we had! Well over 200 photos were tagged (that’s where I lost count) and it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to more social media fun in the future.

Our theme for November is Fitness in the Fall, and I for one will make the most of the cool weather and get out to run more now that the days are milder. In Oklahoma, outdoor fitness can be a tricky thing, what with the wind and unpredictable temperatures. But as I write this, the day is clear and crisp, with just a touch of that famed wind sweepin’ down the plain.

53105_432465522150_564812150_5187303_2392175_oAnd part of fall fitness is food—something our new blogger of the month Katie Johnstonbaugh knows all about! Along with being a prolific food blogger on her own Dishin & Dishes site, you may also know Katie from her food segments on KFOR TV’s morning show Rise & Shine on Freedom43 TV in Oklahoma City. Or you may know her from her book, The Food Lover’s Guide to Oklahoma, which features a great region-by-region listing of restaurants, food-related retail stores and (of course) recipes.

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