Welcome to October!

Submitted by Mari Farthing, OWB Admin

Welcome to fall! I know that fall officially begins in September, but when I can turn the calendar to October, that’s when I really feel it. Time to break out the fall decor, the pumpkin spice-scented candles and start thinking of soup recipes. And even though the thermometer usually registers closer to 90 than 40, we always rock flannel at the pumpkin patch. We’re the ones on the hayrides, wearing jeans and long-sleeve shirts, sitting next to the lady in the tank top and flip flops (as in the photo below). That’s fall in Oklahoma, y’all!

1930961_30153065278_2519_nFall hayride, 2009. It was hot out.
The kids were about half as old as they are now. So cute!
My whole self was melting then because it was hot; my heart is melting now!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that this month, we’re doing our very first Instagram Photo Challenge! We recently joined Instagram (as OKWomenBloggers), and we’ve created a hashtag (#OWBPhotoChallenge) to get us started! We’ve laid out a month of post ideas and already have a bunch of you jumping onboard and posting your photos using the hashtag. Please jump in and join us! Seriously, the theme this month is “Guilty Pleasures” and what’s more of a guilty pleasure than a selfie?

Who doesn’t love a guilty pleasure? It’s a self-indulgent thing that you might love and others don’t necessarily find the same joy that you do. For me, that means a Milli Vanilli CD, candy raisins, really bad 80s TV series … I could go on and on! Basically, most of the things in my life probably fall into the guilty pleasure category and I’m thoroughly okay with that.

One thing I don’t feel guilty about loving is our new blogger of the month, Jennifer Cazzola. Tired of the stress of city life and motivated by a desire to be more self-sufficient, Jenny and her husband decided to trade life in the busy suburbs for life on a quiet country homestead. In the fall of 2012, they moved to an acreage in rural Northeastern Oklahoma where they are learning to live off the land. On her blog, Black Fox Homestead, Jenny writes about their transition from city to country life, offers tips on natural gardening, chickens, recipes from her kitchen, and ideas for frugal, simple living. Can’t wait to learn more about her this month!

IMG_0384Submitted by Mari Farthing. Along with being an administrator of Oklahoma Women Bloggers, Mari blogs about all kinds of stuff at Mari, Quite Contrary and about writing and editing at Mari Edits.
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