Welcome to October!

Contributed by OKWB Community Manager Mari Farthing

I’m not so much a pumpkin-spice-caramel-frappa-mocha-latte person, as I prefer my coffee old school with just a hit of cream, but when I started seeing the PSL posts all over social media, I got excited, too.

IMG_0378Because it means fall is here!

October is probably my favorite month of the year. I love the way it looks, feels and smells. My favorite memories of childhood are overcast, damp days that smelled like moldering piles of leaves crawling with wooly bear caterpillars. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Blogger of the Month

11014878_10101054294886574_8819733781966326593_nSpeaking of love, meet our blogger of the month for October, Kelly Guinn!

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Kelly is a full-time working momma to her with her one year old daughter, Genevieve. Because her life is very glamorous, she can often be found saying things like, “Please don’t wipe your nose on that” and “Please stop throwing food at mommy.”

In lieu of laundry, she spends her spare time chronicling life’s (mis)adventures and celebrating mediocrity at The OK Momma.

Can’t wait to get to learn more about Kelly this month!

Writing Prompts

This month, we’re featuring several writing prompts to link up to each Tuesday, capitalizing on our monthly theme. This month’s theme is Risk. What does risk mean to you? Post on your blog and link up with us each Tuesday this month:

  • Oct 6: A Time You Took a Chance. We take chances every day. What’s one instance that comes to mind?
  • Oct 13: What Does It Mean To Be Brave? Risking something can be an act of bravery. Talk about what that means to you.
  • Oct 20: Fashion Risks You Regret. I can’t wait for this one. As a child of the 80s, I predict my post on this day will involve lots (and lots!) of hairspray.
  • Oct 27: To Risk Or Not To Risk: When Is It Worth It? This one is all about the road not traveled. Or the big thoughts that happen around taking that risk.

Choose your post and share it through the link up on this blog, posted on each of these days. New post, old post, doesn’t matter—we want to hear from you!


Periscope-appHave you learned about this fun app yet? Periscope is a live-broadcast app that lets you broadcast your story from wherever in the world you are, direct from your phone or tablet. You can also find stories from all around the world. Videos stay online for about 24 hours, and it’s a great way to connect. Find out more about it with this handy beginner’s guide!

Every Monday evening at 9:30, our own Stephanie Clinton will be sharing #OkieScopes to chat about blogging, maybe do a “scope hop” and just get to know one another better. You can find Stephanie on Periscope at @Hugskissessnot.

IMG_9897Mari Farthing blogs at MariFarthing.com and is a prolific social media presence (meaning she drinks copious amounts of coffee each morning and proceeds to avoid housework by surfing the internet). She’s a freelance writer and editor and mother of two.

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