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Oklahoma Women Bloggers is thrilled to be partnering with Minted! Minted is committed to offering fresh, indie-designed business cards, invitations,  for whatever your need is. With June being such a popular month for weddings, they are thrilled to be offering such a wide variety of the cutest Minted wedding invitations. They also offer customers along with their designers the opportunity to create inspiration boards so that you can plan out every last beautiful detail of your event.

I neglected my laundry spent a couple of hours browsing their site and ended up designing my own blogging card. Since I have a tendency to be snarky, I chose one of their more whimsical designs.




Minted Cards


Cool thing is that I also got to add my blogs’ buttons to the back, so I didn’t give up my personal branding!

When I first ordered blog cards several years ago, it was kind of a new thing. But the truth was that I was tired of asking people to read my blog and then digging in my purse for something to write the blog address on. So, I got myself some blog cards–nothing fancy–and started handing those out. It was so much easier and it made me feel like I was in the big leagues. Plus, I dropped them in the fishbowl at my favorite restaurants and I’ve actually won two free dinners. SCORE!

Check them out–they are working in conjunction with Oklahoma Women Bloggers to offer some great blogging deals. We appreciate their partnership with Oklahoma Women Bloggers and The Women Bloggers.

Which design do you want for your new cards?


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