What Does It Mean To Be Brave

Courage and bravery can mean a lot of different things to different people. We could see someone complete a daunting physical task like running a marathon or climbing a mountain and say that they are very brave. For some starting a new job or taking the first step to owning their own business is their show of bravery. Facing fear, big or small, can be a huge act of bravery. For a teenager, facing a sea of faces in a cafeteria or standing up to a bully or for someone who is being bullied is big time bravery. Sometimes just hitting “publish” takes a lot of courage and bravery.

However courage and bravery manifests it in your life, it is important and valuable. Share with us what it means to you to be brave. Use the link up below and then go and see how your fellow bloggers are being brave.

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