What Is Your Reward?

Contributed by October Blogger of the Month, Kelly Guinn

With great risk, comes great reward.  Or so they say.
I know you’ve taken risks. Writing is a risk. Mothering is a risk. Wife-ing is a risk. Putting yourself out there in a career is a risk. You’ve taken risks, don’t minimize that.  But, I have an important question now.

When’s the last time you allowed yourself a reward?

Heck, when’s the last time you – gasp – accepted a compliment?
I’m the actual worst at this.  Someone tells me that my daughter is well behaved and I deflect – “miracles happen every day!”
Someone compliments me at work and I can barely squeak out a “thanks” before I’m pushing the credit off to someone else.
And just this weekend, a sweet friend of mine introduced me to someone else and said, “Kelly is a wonderful writer.”
To which I should have said, “Oh you’re sweet to say that! I do love to write and I’m happy that people enjoy it.”
But my knee jerk reaction won in that moment, and I said, “Oh, no, it’s nothing, really.”
I need to stop minimizing the work that I do. Because there’s risk in it. Risk of failure. Risk of raising a toddler terror. Risk of having a reader lash out on you in public (am I alone in this fear?).
But maybe – maybe – the reward you need for your work will not come in the form of a compliment.  When my daughter actually sat through a meal without tantrums and with using the good manners that I try to drill into her on the reg – there was no one around to pat me on the head and tell me great job.
So I reward myself. With time. Time to read, time to write, time to work out, time to sit and do nothing for the love.
What’s your reward? How do you treat yourself?  What do you do, to quietly acknowledge the hard things you handle day in and day out?
Let’s stop sucking at enjoying success.  Let’s stop minimizing hard work. Let’s acknowledge the risks – large and small – that we take each day. Because whatever you are risking – in motherhood, in your career, in your relationships, in blogging – it is worth a reward.
Relish in it.

Kelly Guin

Kelly is a full-time working momma to her with her one year old daughter, Genevieve. Because her life is very glamorous, she can often be found saying things like, “Please don’t wipe your nose on that” and “Please stop throwing food at mommy”. In lieu of laundry, she spends her spare time chronicling life’s (mis)adventures and celebrating mediocrity at The OK Momma. She is the managing editor of the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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