Where I’m From

LindseyRenuardContributed by Lindsey Renuard, May Blogger of the Month. Find her blog at DishwaterDreams.

I am from summers hanging upside down on the monkey bars,
from Oscar Meyer bologna cups and macaroni art.

I am from the suburban safety net of Girl Scouts, ballet classes, and roaming the neighborhood freely as long as I was home by dark.
From bicycles with banana seats and day glow spoke beads.
I am from the evergreen pines of Sherwood Forest, the backyard needles with transformative powers to be kindling, jewels, magic potion ingredients.
I am from secret backyard societies of witches or fairies, depending on the day. From closet book clubs and Cabbage Patch mommies.
I am from Thanksgivings in Dallas and hating turkey, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pecan pie.
From Duncans and Simpsons and Bexar County Adoption Center.
I am from the importance of manners, prayers before meals, and not letting others see our faults and mistakes.
From Tulsa, Texas, as my mother called it, and happy chickens are tasty chickens.
I’m from Germans, Brits, and Cherokees, spaghetti, fried catfish, and Dr. Pepper as coffee.
From “Are we there yet? (That is my song.),” sticky wickies, station wagon carpools.
I am from pigtails, yellow silky blankets, Nancy Drew books.
I am from the little girl who wrote a book of poems about animals at seven – and hasn’t stopped writing since.
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  1. This got me thinking about my own story, Lindsey! And I love that we have so many core shared experiences even though mine were probably 20 years earlier (Nancy Drew, backyard societies, roaming as long as home before dark, prayers before meals . . . ) Then I found myself swapping out your moments for mine ( as in ‘banana seat’ turned into ‘Shwinn 10-speed with turned down handlebars’ and ‘Girl Scouts’ into ‘4-H’ etc.) Fun!

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