Why Do You Exercise?

Submitted by our May Blogger of the Month, Chloe  Shelby

Why do you exercise? Or, why don’t you exercise?  Stop and think about it.

We shouldn’t be sedentary, because we weren’t designed to be sedentary. We were created to move, shake, boogie, and ultimately run from predators who were trying to make us their meal, but that’s another story.

You should exercise for the right reasons! If your sole reason for exercise is to lose some lbs, it’s not going to happen quickly or enjoyably. You will hit both a mental and physical block. Don’t exercise simply to lose weight, exercise for mental and physical health.

If you are new to the exercise world, your first task is to find what kind of exercise you will look forward to doing each day. Working your body should be fun, not torturous. Find an activity that can be your personal play date and make an appointment with (for) yourself.

If you are fighting to push past that aggravating plateau, simply changing it up can drastically change your results. If you’re a runner, perhaps try yoga to get more in tune with your body. If you’re a pilates advocate, perhaps it’s time to add some weights.

Ask yourself some questions to find the best workout, or workout mix up, for you:

Excel with personalized encouragement? Try a personal trainer!

Want a fun community feeling with others? Try a group fitness class!

Searching for better balance and flexibility? Try out a yoga class or pilates!

Have a competitive side? Grab a friend. Try a game of tennis, basketball, etc!

Need to let out stress or aggression? Try kickboxing!

Crave to be outdoors? Try a nice run or bike ride outside!

Looking for a high intensity fast workout? Many bloggers have quick HIIT workouts to find online! Try this one, this one, or this one!

Need to squeeze in a workout? Buy a workout video!



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Personally, I have found love and passion in group fitness classes.  I began taking workout classes with my mother during high school and never stopped.  That camaraderie, and occasionally competitiveness, in class makes all the difference and can be really encouraging. Recently, I decided to pursue being a group fitness instructor and absolutely love getting to motivate others to lift heavier and work harder! My goal is to eventually ‘inspire’ others to make healthy pursuits a habit, second nature, just the way they do things.

If you find that online workouts are right for you, POPSUGAR, Barre3, and Shape have some great quick workouts that I try to sneak in a crazy busy day.


My overall point is, find what works best for you! We don’t all need to be yogis, crossfit junkies or marathon runners, but we do all need to move!

Chloe ShelbyChloe Shelby is the writer of A Latte Lipstick, a blog focused on fitness, health and sprinkled in fashion. She works as an advertising account executive and a group fitness instructor in Oklahoma City. She is a member of Ad2OKC, PRSA, and Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Find quick workouts, healthy recipes, and fashion tips at ALatteLipstick.com.

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  1. Great advice. I’ve done exercise in one form or another for most of my life, usually motivated by weight control. But I became aware of how important it is to overall health several years ago when I saw how movement–or the lack of it–affected my aging relatives. To have any quality of life in later years, we have to keep moving!
    Dee Dee Chumley recently posted…What Do You See?My Profile

  2. Marjo says:

    I started exercising a couple of years ago when I had to go up 10 flights of stairs and felt that I was going to die by the time I got to the 7th floor. I used to be an athlete back in school so I never thought I’d feel that way just going up a few flight of stairs. Definitely was a wake up call.
    Marjo recently posted…Using the Healing Benefits of the Sun to Get HealthierMy Profile

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