Why I Blog

Contributed by Blogger of the Month Peggy Chambers

This week was Palm Sunday—the beginning of the most holy of all days in the Christian faith. It celebrates the day that Jesus walked into Jerusalem as a hero, only to be crucified by the end of the week. It is a new beginning to Christians everywhere because of His resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is considered a new beginning in the United States and many other countries. I’m not saying that religion and luck are the same thing. They aren’t. But we are lucky to have the beginning of spring and Palm Sunday all in the same month and an opportunity for life again after a cold hard winter. I find the combination comforting.

I am lucky enough to blog. It helps me meet people around the state (and maybe the world) and vent about the things I think are important in life. Writing for me is therapy and sometimes I need a lot of therapy. But it is also a way to set my thoughts in order as well as my life. I feel lucky to have the opportunity.

Over the last four weeks we discussed how March is a lucky month. I always told my husband there is no such thing as luck. You make your own luck. But is that true? Are we lucky to have the things in life we love the most—family, home, jobs, religious freedom—or did we get there through hard work and determination? I like to think it is both. Warmer weather, more daylight to accomplish things we love—all in the same month. What could be luckier?

Spring and renewal are once again upon us. What is your take on luck vs hard work?

Are you feeling lucky, punk? I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket.

Peggy good onePeggy Chambers is an award winning, twice-published author, always working on another. She attended PU, UCO and is a graduate of OU. She is a member of the Enid Writers’ Club, OWFI, Oklahoma Women Bloggers and OWL. There’s always another story weaving around in her brain trying to come out.

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