Why I Blog–Blogger of the Month

I am fairly new to the whole blogging thing.  I started blogging three months ago when I realized I had more to say than could fit in a Facebook status.

Sabine2About a year ago, I told the story, via a Facebook status, of the time my daughter, then 1 year old, got into wood glue, got it on my husband’s nipple and her crotch, and then pooped in the tub all in a 12 hour period.  It was probably the longest Facebook status known to man, but it got a pretty good response.  This made me realize a few things.  First off, that my kids were really funny and also, that I kinda had a knack for telling a story.  (By knack, I mean I was really entertaining to myself.) I also realized that wood glue is really hard to remove from someone’s nipple, but that’s a whole other story.


Then I had a few life changes.  My husband graduated from residency and was now employed as an emergency medicine physician.  I stopped working as an emergency medicine physician assistant to stay at home with my two children.  This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I lost my identity as a woman with a career.  I underestimated how hard it was to take care of two small children around the clock.  I loved that I was able to do it, but it was hard.  It was hard to deal with the messes, the tantrums, the picky eating and the fights over bedtime.


Writing made me see the humor in everyday life.  It made me see my children and this new chapter in my life in a whole new light.  Instead of getting frustrated when my daughter sprinkled freeze-dried parsley on the couch, I could see it as the funny story it really was.  So I started sharing my stories.  The more I shared, the more I heard from other moms that said reading about my adventures made them feel more normal.


Now I knew I loved to write and I had a motive.  So I started my blog.  I started writing about these everyday funny things.  I talked to other moms and realized we all struggle with the fear that we are doing it all wrong.  We all fear that everyone else has it figured out.  I wanted my blog to reassure parents everywhere that no one has it figured out and we’re all really just winging it.  I wrote about my own struggles with need to be perfect and in the process have started to shed the need to be so.


And every now and again I feel the need to act like a fool, so I write about that too.


Sabine Brown has served Oklahoma Women Bloggers as our very first Blogger of the Month. Continue to love her at http://www.sabineofsuburbia.blogspot.com 

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  1. CHristine Jarmola says:

    enjoyed reading your blogs. You do have a knack for writing. I was wondering if you are a member of the Oklahoma Writers Federation? It’s a great resource/support group for writers. Check it out at owfi.org. We’d love to have you.

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