Why I Blog: July Blogger Of The Month~Brandi Barnett


I closed my gaping mouth. “You write your diary on the internet? For everyone to see?”


Jon shook his head. “It’s password protected.”


I was only in my twenties, but my mind was grappling with this concept like a purple-haired lady trying to figure out a Wii remote.  Leaning forward, I felt my brow wrinkle. “And what’s it called again?”


“A web log. A blog.”


Ah! This made sense.  “So it’s like the captain’s journal on Star Trek?”


My student smiled patiently. “Check mine out, Mrs. B.” He jotted down his password on a piece of paper and handed it to me. “I think you’ll like it. You should do it.”


At that point, my friends had been unsuccessful in getting me to text message much less join MySpace or Facebook. I was soooo not going to do it, but I was thrilled my creative writing student found a venue for writing. Jon was a brilliant, creative young man. But I thought he was crazy to think I’d want to…what was that word again? Oh, yeah, blog.


Years passed and 2008 arrived. My debut novel was going to hit shelves.  My publisher wanted me to improve my online profile.


I was terrified.


And I had nothing to say.


Or so I thought. 2008 was a big year. Seven days before my husband and I moved halfway across the continent, we learned we were pregnant. Maybe it was the hormones. Maybe it was stress.  Maybe it was giddiness. Either way, I got over my concern of sharing too much information with the world. I figured only friends and family would read the thing anyway, so I updated on the pregnancy, the new baby, my debut novel and other adventures with my blog Okies in Joisey.


(If you clicked over to that old online journal, you’ll see I knew diddly-squat about blogging. But people read it. Seriously.  I have no idea why.)


With the blog came great power.  A blog gave me the opportunity to share stories and opinions.


Jon was right. I liked it.


When we returned to Oklahoma, I started Brandi’s Blog to focus on “the magic of every day life.” I had no idea just how many new friends I’d make through the blogosphere.  My husband had the original blog put into book form, and it’s a special keepsake of our time as a new family.


It’s fun to look through old posts. I will never be that woman again.  Just like I’ll never be the same woman who thought blogging was only for the young, creative, and tech-savvy. And that’s okay.


As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Brandi Barnett is Miss July, our blogger of the month. Check out her blog at Brandi’s Blog

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    • Thank you! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share with Oklahoma Women Bloggers this month. As for glamping, well, I went with experienced campers who loved the outdoors and cooking as much as they loved their campers. Plus, ya know, we had an air conditioner. If the weather is right, you should try it. Maybe renting a cabin at Big Cedar is more your style. Anything rustic should qualify!

    • I realized I was a closeted geek through my Pinterest board. I had no official board for sci-fi fandom, but when I saw that I could pull up my “likes,”….well, let’s just say I pushed up my glasses, fell asleep watching The Big Bang Theory and dreamed of Han Solo.

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