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Hello there! My name is Allison and I’m a crafty cat lady who blogs over at Dream a Little Bigger that loves a good shoe makeover (there are over 60). I’m also an Okie and craft blogger for fellow Okie, Amy at Mom Spark who has been quite an inspiration for me! Thanks bunches for having me, I’m excited to be guest posting here at Oklahoma Women Bloggers! But enough about me!

Send letters postmarked from the North Pole. Hurry. the deadline is December 10! Free printable letterhead from

Over on my blog I shared the skinny about getting letters from Santa postmarked FROM THE NORTH POLE. How cool is that? But today I’m sharing something similar but a little bit different… something that will take a little less effort on your part.

I know that all kids like to write out their Christmas lists, perhaps even drafting several before coming up with THE letter to Santa. I mean, they can’t come off too greedy and they may have some transgressions to smooth over… And we take these letters and swear that we’ll make sure that Santa gets them and then it’s pretty well dropped. When something cool is spotted at the store we say “Did you ask Santa for that?” But that’s about the extent of it.

What if the kiddos could draft up the perfect letter and then actually put it in the drop off slot at the post office themselves? When I mentioned to this one kiddo I was asked “You mean the letters aren’t delivered by magic anymore?” I just said that the magical post office was on strike so we had to go through the normal one. Oops. You see I have no children of my own, only borrow a few here and there from time to time so sometimes I just don’t know the ‘right’ thing to say. But we get through it.

But back to the task at hand, if you want to send letters to Santa and receive a response from somebody other than a letter you drafted yourself, there are a good number of communities that will respond to the letters sent to Santa. The big one is in North Pole Alaska:

Santa Claus
1 Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, AK 99705-9901

If you’d like to go through another one of the communities, contact your local post office (my PO clerk looked at me like I was a total idiot so they aren’t all down with the program) or call 1-800-ASK-USPS. And don’t forget, if you’d prefer to draft the letter yourself, check out the freebie letterhead, envelopes and tips on including a picture from Santa over on my craft blog, Dream a Little Bigger!

Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry gettin’ ready for Christmas!

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