Wordless Wednesday

September 17, 2014

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Blogging Challenges

September 15, 2014

By Jordan Skaggs, September Blogger of the Month

My intention for this post is to start a discussion about these blogging challenges and swap tips for overcoming them. Or maybe you need help working through another blogging issue and someone else has great advice to offer you! Let’s share.

I’ll go first:

Small Blog Syndrome

This creeps in when you get a glimpse at how many followers or likes another blogger has and your blog is well, much smaller. You start to feel insecure about your following. When this happens:

  1. Take a second to remember it’s a huge honor for someone to give you their time by subscribing to your blog. Your first subscriber is just as important as your 100th, 1,000th, or 10,000th, each person matters.
  2. Visualize what it would look like if all of your followers were together in person. Try it. Would it be like a small dinner party? Would they fill up a classroom? How about a big restaurant? Or maybe a high school football stadium or a concert venue?

Visualizing this way helps put into perspective the fact that whatever size your following is, you’re reaching A LOT more people than you would if you had to talk to each person individually.

Blog Comparison

There was a great post by Stephanie Clinton on this site a few weeks ago about blogging envy so consider this just a reiteration and addition to that conversation because this is something I’ve struggled with a lot, especially as a beginner.

I follow a lot of blogs in my niche and I’m guessing many of you do the same with yours. It’s a great way to keep up with and connect with other bloggers but it can turn unhealthy when jealousy starts taking over. To squash those jealous thoughts:

  1. Flip the script. Instead of seeing another’s blogging (and photography, in my case) success as something they have and you don’t, change those thoughts to “If they can do it, so can I.” This puts some positive power back into your hands and can be great motivation to just keep going! (Psst- this concept could apply to other things outside of blogging too. ;) )
  2. If you’re still feeling the grip of jealousy, “put the blinders on”. Instead of reading other’s blog posts like usual, just skip them for a few days or a week. Repeat #1 until the jealousy disappears.
  3. Write down everything you have to be thankful for both online and offline. Taking some time to be thankful for the connections the Internet allows us to make, as well as being thankful for the things you have offline, puts things back into perspective.

Writer’s Block

Who’s with me on this one? Raise your digital hands! Here are some things I do that always help me overcome writer’s block:

  1. Tell yourself you WILL think of something to write when you start writing. (This may sound hokey but it seriously works for me.) Mentality holds A LOT of power.
  2. Sit down and WRITE ANYTHING. (Just do it!) Like I said, mentality holds a lot of power so thinking about how you have writer’s block will only keep you blocked. Forcing yourself to just start is a good way to get some writing momentum.
    I’m willing to bet if you write 5-10 minutes about whatever, you’ll probably get some ideas for what you DO want to write about or maybe you could even use the random stuff you wrote in that time.
  3. When I’m reeeeally struggling to get some words down, I just keep my writing simple. Publishing something short and sweet is totally okay.

Your turn! Any of these struggles or tips resonate with you? Do you have some good strategies to add? Do you have a struggle you’d love some advice on? Are you tired of me asking questions yet? ;)

I’ve learned a lot of these strategies from the following resources. Just want to be sure to give credit where credit is due!




Jordan_SkaggsAlong with being the Oklahoma Blogger of the Month for September, Jordan Skaggs is a passionate foodie and photographer. She creates, photographs, and shares her original recipes on her blog Recipe or Not and was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


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