Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks

When someone says they’re not a cat person, that’s usually met with a response of understanding or a shrug. But when someone says they’re not a dog person? That usually gets a response similar to if you physically just punched a puppy in the face. Why is that?!

I recently photographed an engagement session at my client’s quirky filled-to-the-ceiling-with-books apartment in Tulsa, where I had the pleasure of meeting their cat George. My initial thoughts went straight to “how can we include this kitty in the session?” and “oh man, I’m gonna forget to photograph the humans in the house and just focus on this fluffy ginger face of cuteness!” because, you guessed it, I’m a cat person. Not only that, I’m quite high on the spectrum of crazy cat lady. And it’s a good thing.

Robyn Icks - November 23 - Image 1

My hubby and I both are actually crazy cat ladies and we have an abundance of cats. Five fully-grown adult cats to be exact. Linus, Mrs Doyle, Oliver, Pepper Potts and Walter. They’re hilarious, endlessly amusing, and sometimes the biggest pain in the keister. But there’s nothing we love more about our house than the five frisky felines who make it a home. I think everyone should share their lives with a cat so much, I’ve actually made it a side business (in addition to my wedding photography business) to photograph shelter and stray cats who are in desperate need of a home.

Robyn Icks - November 23 - Image 2

A cat’s independence and focus on achieving the goals that are important to them without asking anyone’s approval is what draws me so to them. I understand and relate so well. Cats are basically apologetically unique to themselves, on-selfish-missions, introverted tiny humans with a fur coat. If a cat wants that elusive reflection of light on the wall, they are going to use every ounce of their will to make it theirs. If a cat wants to break their current nap record, and hit a solid 15 hours without moving once, they’ll make it happen. And you better believe if a cat requires that you pet them twice but NOT thrice, they will enforce their rule with whatever measure it takes.

While I can’t quite get away with those particular examples, I do understand having goals that are important enough to me that I will stop at nothing to achieve them. Goals that may seem far-fetched, implausible and sometimes completely unattainable, but who cares? They’re mine and I don’t need others approval or okay to go dream chasing.

Best of all though, cats are okay with being weird. They embrace their personalities and quirks that make them them. They’re not going to change who they are to fit “social cat norms” or to be more popular. That’s not going to happen. They’re awesome just the way they are. And so are you.

Robyn Icks - November 23 - Image 3

I know you’re probably to the point of thinking “Uhhh, guys, this Robyn is bonkers…” And you’re totally right – but in full cat attitude, I’ve embraced being such a crazy cat lady. I’ll even admit to have once studied cat psychology (yes, that’s a real thing to study and it’s enlightening to no end) and am so fascinated by these creatures that I think they should receive way more credit than they’re given. They’re much more than the hilarious cat memes and cat videos we’ve embraced. Although, seriously, those are the best.

Cats rock and so do crazy cat ladies. High fives to all for unapologetically being you!

Robyn Icks - November 23 - Image 4

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, George stole the show during our engagement session in Tulsa. He was on a mission to get at least one body part in each image, and he succeeded quite well. A tail here, a full smooshy face there, he had a mission and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him. And my clients love each image dearly.

Follow my crazy cat lady adventures at Weekday Whiskers, and leave a holla in the comment section regaling your favorite feline anecdotes!

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Robyn Icks

Robyn was born and raised on the Oklahoma plains. She’s traveled far and wide, but always comes back home to her favorite state. Infatuated with being surrounded by true love, she is lucky enough to photograph weddings by day. By night, she reads, snuggles her five cats, and plans road trips with her hubby. Online you can mainly find her spending too much time oogling images on Instagram, and also on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Sunday Potluck

November 22, 2015


Good morning and happy Sunday, bloggers. It’s that time again, so get ready to link up your posts. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and read what your bloggy sisters have been up to. Consider this your free pass to take a little time for yourself before the craziness of prepping for Thanksgiving takes over.

-XOXO Marisa


The Importance of a Photograph

November 16, 2015

Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks

So far, I’ve guest blogged about the abundance of love in my life and career as a wedding photographer, and the abundance of travel to experience. Today, I’m going to bring it all back to root of what I enjoy most of both of those things – the photograph.

Robyn Icks - November 16 - Image 1

Can you imagine life without photographs?

From the very first known image captured by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 of the view out his window, to the quick cell phone photo I just captured of my cat Walter chasing his tail – the photograph has become an engrained staple of our lives.

Can you imagine not having that cherished portrait of a family member you’ve lost, that photo of you and your siblings in front of Old Faithful taken on that family vacation to Yellowstone as a kid, or even a single capture of you and the one you love most? Long before camera phones were thought of, or even digital cameras for that matter, photographs have shaped our society and our need to capture what is important to us so we may keep it as a tangible memory.

Robyn Icks - November 16 - Image 2

Photographs define us.

What do you consciously or even subconsciously look for the second you land on a website or blog? A photograph. Of the author, of the product, of anything at all to give you a visual to consume. And not just any image, you expect a to see a good one. Even while browsing a website that has nothing to do with photography, you still expect to see aesthetically pleasing images. I mean hello, it’s the digital age, and we’re spoiled. Which makes it more important than ever to learn how to snap a good photo when presenting yourself on the internet.

Even if you’re just taking a photograph just for yourself with no intention of it making its way into the world, the subject is always enhanced ten-fold when it’s taken well. It’s worth the time to learn how to use that digital camera and to improve your camera phone skills, as it’s a talent that will keep on giving.

I first realized just how important photography was at the age of 8. Although it had been a part of my life long before that, as my mom was an avid camera wielder. Now fast forward (nearly) 20 years to my hundreds of thousands of images collected in boxes, in albums, on hard-drives, on discs, on my phone, framed on walls. Of the people and cats I love, the places we’ve explored on our many travels, the way time has changed us little by little. I feel like this collection photographs show who I am as a person. And I cherish that.

And as a wedding photographer? It is the biggest reward to give people images to add to their own personal collections to cherish. There’s no other feeling like it to know I gave that to someone. Each year as I improve my photography skills and my eye, the reward gets even more plentiful.

Robyn Icks - November 16 - Image 3

What is your most cherished photograph you hold dearest? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

Robyn IcksRobyn was born and raised on the Oklahoma plains. She’s traveled far and wide, but always comes back home to her favorite state. Infatuated with being surrounded by true love, she is lucky enough to photograph weddings by day. By night, she reads, snuggles her five cats, and plans road trips with her hubby. Online you can mainly find her spending too much time oogling images on Instagram, and also on her Facebook and Twitter pages.


Sunday Potluck

November 15, 2015

Good morning and happy Sunday to my bloggy sisters. I hope this day brings you peace of mind, a chance to get ahead before the week starts, and some seriously strong coffee. I know I could sure use it. As you make your way through this Sunday, don’t forget to link up with your posts […]

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Finding the Offbeat in Oklahoma

November 9, 2015

Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks My husband Sonny and I have driven 42,678 miles on our roadtrips. That’s similar to driving across the entire EARTH nearly twice. You know what though; it’s not the driving we like well enough to keep planning these roadtrips. It’s the adventure. The chance to explore. […]

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Sunday Potluck

November 8, 2015

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Welcome to November!

November 3, 2015

Contributed by OKWB Community Manager Mari Farthing   If you stopped by yesterday, you met our awesome blogger of the month for November, Robyn Icks. Be sure to read all about her and come back often to read her posts this month. She’s a blogger and wedding photographer with a passion for Oklahoma, traveling and […]

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An Abundance of Love

November 2, 2015

Contributed by November Blogger of the Month, Robyn Icks Welcome to November, guys. That means in less than 60 days, we’ll be bringing in a brand new year. How did that happen? I’m still over here in the mindset that it’s spring and maybe I should get out in the garden and oh wait… But […]

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Sunday Potluck

November 1, 2015

Happy November, everyone! There are just two months left in 2015, which seems really odd because most days it still feels like it’s 1997. No? Just me? If you’re like me, then your Sundays are jam-packed with catching up on all the things you have to finish before you head back to work on Monday. […]

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Blogger of the Month Kelly Guinn – Why I Blog

October 26, 2015

Contributed by October Blogger of the Month, Kelly Guinn I’ve never considered myself a particularly creative person. I can’t draw, sing, sew, or paint.  I’m not even that great of a baker. So when I heard someone say recently, “Everyone needs a creative outlet.” My very first thought was, “Well, crap.” Because I’m the person […]

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