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May 1, 2016


Good morning and happy Sunday, fellow Oklahoma Women Bloggers! I can’t believe it’s officially the first day of May, which means school is almost out and summer is just around the corner. Is it just me or does it feel like 2016 is moving twice as fast as any other year before it?

While I’m sure this May Day promises to be a busy one — what with wrapping ribbons around the maypole or whatever it is people do on May Day — we hope you have time to add your links from your posts of the week before to our Sunday Potluck. And don’t forget to take a moment to click through and see what your fellow Oklahoma Women Bloggers have been up to!


Submitted by Blogger of the Month, Letty Watt

readers imagination

“Her marriage had been like a new silk dress, so beautiful and undulating, except that after a while the edges of the sleeves grayed, there is a spot of wine, the hem drags…” While reading Anna Quindlen’s Still Life with Bread Crumbs I was struck by her descriptions, from similes to metaphors, and how easily I could recall a scene when written with figurative language. After all, I’ve been a teacher all of my life, and truly believe in the art of writing. Now I read for pure pleasure and delight. My imagination relies on the printed word to be powerful and descriptive so that I recall it by pictures, feelings both tactile and emotional, smells, sounds, and sometimes by drooling over tasty words.

Gail Haley (2)

Gail E. Haley, children’s award-winning illustrator and author, once showed a picture she’d drawn in a book called Birdsong to a group of children, and asked them if they could hear how noisy the page became when she opened the book. As you might guess, the children leaped to her side and began pointing at all of the noises occurring in that picture. The setting was of a village market place in a time long ago where an old woman sold captured birds in cages. Then tweet by tweet the children began to imitate the sounds of the birds on the page, the clanking of the pots and pans in the background, the chatter of the people selling and buying their wares, the clump of the horse’s hooves, the barking of the alley dogs, and the hungry meow of the cat looking at the caged bird. Like a stage production without a director the wind began to whoosh as a child flapped her wings, another child began to eat the soup, which led another to gobble down apples and oranges from the fruit stand. I laughed and joined in by humming some childhood song. Then the author closed the book and the noise stopped. That moment was like a whish back in time where I honestly thought I could smell that market place, all because of an imaginative idea that brought a picture in a book to life.

reader's imagination (2)

Walking Nature Home, a Life’s Journey by Susan J. Tweit shows the structure of her memoir in the landscape of the sky. Her chapters begin: Orion, Aries, Virgo… Each constellation in Tweit’s memoir suggests anticipation. “We walked downtown hand in hand, leaning into the waves of air that poured through the streets.” As the character in the story crisscrosses the decades and the countryside, so does the reader, and along the way we remember places she’s been because her language made it visceral. We felt the sting of the icy fog, the steady rain of snowflakes; we watched a raven suddenly fold its wings like a crumpled black leaf and somersault earthwards; we imagined pain so bad that it ate her mother’s appetite.

reader's imagination (1)

Most recently, I read The Nest by Cynthia Sweeney, a NYT bestselling novel about the Plumb family engulfed in emotional strife over the anticipated trust fund that was nearly dismantled by the arrogant oldest brother, Leo. Metaphors, irony, symbols, descriptive language, and thematic issues illuminate what money does to relationships. Each sibling is vividly portrayed: “Leo regarded the whole picture warily, like it was an opalescent shell found on the beach that was concealing something unsavory inside.”; “For Melody all the years of coupon cutting, working on the house (her nest) until her hands were cracked and bleeding…in the distance her fortieth birthday (dispensing of the trust fund) glowed like a distant lighthouse flashing its beam of rescue.” Along with the family of four the plot weaves through the demons and sorrows of 9/11; the broken limbs and souls from battle in Afghanistan to car wrecks and lust; the cost of establishing careers, and the consequences for choices made.

Words painted to describe our senses coax the reader to imagine another world, not in black and white print, but in full illumination of life’s journeys and emotions.

Letty WattWriting soothes my soul and clears my mind. I began writing my weekly blog, Literally Letty, with the purpose of building a repertoire of stories for telling aloud, and experimenting with style. Now I write because stories, hidden in the recesses of my mind, are begging to be shared.






Sunday Potluck

April 24, 2016


Good morning and happy Sunday, fellow Oklahoma Women Bloggers! This weekend has certainly been a busy one. If you’re in the OKC Metro area, chances are that you attended the Festival of the Arts, Norman Music Festival, or you’re currently hustling like mad to get yourself to the finish line at the OKC Memorial Marathon. And even if you didn’t do any of those things, chances are that you’re still crazy busy because the spring is chock full of activities as well as allergies.

Anyway, we hope you have some time during your busy day to link up with your posts from the week before. And don’t forget to click through to see what your fellow bloggers have been up to this week!


Art Is…

April 19, 2016

Submitted by April Blogger of the Month, Letty Watt My husband and I share a fascination for books and museums. Often, there is a museum or bookstore on our travel list. From the greatest to the least, it matters not to us, as we peruse our interests. This winter we spent a week with family […]

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Sunday Potluck

April 17, 2016

Good morning and happy Sunday, fellow Oklahoma Women Bloggers. It’s a nice rainy day here in Norman, and I hope you have a nice rainy Sunday where you are. It’s so good to enjoy the sound of drops hitting the windows while I sip my coffee and think about what’s on tap for the coming week. […]

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Mindful Art

April 11, 2016

Contributed by April Blogger of the Month, Letty Watt Walking down the sidewalk as a child often tweaked my imagination. One time I saw bullet holes all across the front a house. I ran home and told my parents that somebody had been shot. To my dismay that was not the truth. The truth, as my […]

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Sunday Potluck

April 10, 2016

Good morning and happy Sunday, Oklahoma Women Bloggers! Today looks like it’s gearing up to be the typical Oklahoma spring day, which means I hope you have enough hairspray to combat the wind and humidity. Oh, and if you’re like me, you’re going to hustle to try to get the lawn mowed before any sort […]

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Decorating The Soul

April 5, 2016

Contributed by April Blogger of the Month, Letty Watt   “She woke up one day and decided to quit cleaning her house and start decorating her soul instead.” Zentangles For years I taught, played, created, and dreamed with children from raising three of our own, to the hundreds of children, whose lives touched me as […]

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Sunday Potluck

April 3, 2016

Good morning and happy Sunday, Oklahoma Women Bloggers! How are things? It looks like it’s going to be a lovely sunny day, and the only thing we have to watch out for is allergies. Which, if it’s spring time in Oklahoma, I’ll take allergies over tornadoes any old day. We hope you’re having a very […]

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April Blogger of the Month – Letty Watt

April 1, 2016

We would like to welcome Letty Watt as April Blogger of the Month. Lets learn a little bit more about her… Writing soothes my soul and clears my mind. I began writing my weekly blog with the purpose of building a repertoire of stories for telling aloud, and experimenting with style. Now I write because […]

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